Gerard Pique and Shakira’s split after 12 years has been widely publicized, with a large section of fans siding with the Colombian singer. The footballer has faced criticism for infidelity from various fans, who believe Shakira to be the victim. Thus Shakira’s popularity, which didn’t really need a shot in the arm, has gone up further.

Also, her new song has already notched various views.  For Gerard Pique, the story has been very different.

Shakira’s latest song ‘Te Felicito’ ft. Rauw Alejandro is a hit

The footballer is losing popularity and especially in Columbia.

Gerard Pique is losing his popularity

Gerard Pique and Shakira
Gerard Pique’s popularity is tumbling

After the two separated, Gerard Pique seems to be losing his popularity. And especially in Colombia, his ex-partner’s country of origin. Colombians have not been able to come to terms with how the Spanish international player cheated on her, regarding the act as (somewhat) equivalent to cheating on the whole nation.

Colombians have been especially brutal in their criticism of Gerard Pique.

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Gerard Pique – A “persona non grata” in Colombia

Gerard Pique
Gerard Pique might be made a “persona non grata” in Colombia

Some media outlets proposed declaring the soccer player “persona non grata” in Colombia. This is a step that could create more problems for Gerard if brought to reality. This decline in popularity is visible not only in the South American nation but on social media as well.

He has been losing followers on social media every day since the breakup with Shakira. While the Colombian singer gained followers, and her numbers on social networks have increased.

But cheating on Shakira was not the only betrayal the player was blamed for. Another reason behind the Colombians’ anger is the fact that he has visited the nation only once in the last 12 years. All of these have made him an unpopular person in Colombia.

The deep-running problems in their relationship

Gerard Pique and Shakira
Gerard Pique and Shakira’s relationship had been murky for some time now

Reports stated the relationship between the two had been fractured for quite some time now and the two were not communicating properly with each other.

In Barcelona, Shakira was known as ‘La Patrona’ because she didn’t have a very good attitude with the footballer’s friends. The same goes for the players’ wives, who blamed Shakira for being distant.

The two are not clear when it comes to their children’s well-being as well. Three days ago, Pique, who was supposed to pick up their children, was turned away by the staff. An angry Pique stormed away, only to return a few moments later to take them to school.

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