There is so much weird and questionable content in popular media that could have major implications if it ever happened in real life. One tiny example would be the one time in a Superman comic issue the Man of Steel out of no fault of himself sets ablaze a bird alive. All this happens after he accidentally comes in contact with radioactive material while saving the world and in turn, becomes chemically toxic and fatal.

Setting a bird on fire, if it had happened in the real world, would have truly got major attention from organizations such as PETA without a doubt.

One Superman Incident That Could Have PETA Screaming


Fiction is undoubtedly something to not be taken seriously but ideas could still be outrageous for some, especially if they would have happened in real life. And when it comes to the Superhero world, there are tons of examples. From causing huge casualties to blowing up important buildings and public areas, and that too sometimes just for personal fights are some absurdity that has been questioned by fans and viewers for a long time.

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One incident that happens in a Superman comic could have had PETA an organization for Animal Rights screaming at the writer. It all happens in the comic issue called A Superman of Doom where the titular hero while on a mission to save Earth from dangerous atomic particles gets contaminated by radioactive material in the process. However, it does not harm his body in any way rather it ends up making him dangerous around people and any living subject.

In the beginning, Superman is unaware of this new aspect but after setting ablaze a bird alive he instantly realizes what went wrong during his time in outer space.


Moreover, another instance in the same story that was as intense is when Superman walks on a flowered path and destroys every flower just by walking near them. The writer for this particular issue is not known exactly but the illustrator or the artist is Al Plastino.

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More on Superman Comics


DC’s Superman is undoubtedly one of the oldest and the most popular of all superheroes in the DC world and even among all superheroes in general. Superman goes way back to the late 1930s. He was created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster.

In 1978, the character was borough to the screen with the Richard Donner-directed film with the eponymous title. Since then the Man of Steel has tons of films and animations developed for him.

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