The Smiths have been holding a high position in the Hollywood entertainment industry for a long time. And by Smiths, we mean Will Smith and his family. The husband and wife duo have been deemed the power couple of the industry who came back stronger than ever through their divorce conversation. Smith’s casting as Deadshot in Suicide Squad (2016) made a great entry into the DC universe. Since then the Smiths have been a topic of discussion, making headlines with the epic Oscar debacle, followed by the vintage wedding photo of Will and Jada Smith at Epstein temple.

The Smiths
Will Smith and his family

Now the family of Smiths is becoming a conversation for their wardrobe choices on the Emancipation premiere. The Smiths have been known for their personality and unique sense of style. The wardrobe choices of Will Smith and family on the premiere have dubbed some funny comments calling them the Rogues Gallery villains.

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The Smith family’s wardrobe choices for Emancipation premiere

The 2022 movie Emancipation, starring Will Smith, is a story of a slave’s journey toward the North after he escapes from a plantation in Louisiana. The title of the movie is true to itself and has gained quite the reviews within a month. The Antoine Fuqua-directed film has been rated 6 on IMDb and received 45% Rotten Tomatoes.

Will Smith
Will Smith’s movie Emancipation

No matter how brilliant or abysmal the film might be, the premiere of the movie is what netizens are talking about. The actor and his family attended the premiere on December 2022 in their futuristic fashion, which became a hot topic.

The A-list family attended the event and posed in their outfits which received some cool and funny comments from the netizens. Reddit is now flowing with comments comparing the Smiths with DC’s Rogues Gallery villains.

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Will Smith and his family turned into Rogues Gallery villains

Will Smith is considered one of the greatest actors in the Hollywood industry with multiple hit movies. The actor has acquired a huge fanbase, who were excited to the core with Smith’s introduction as Deadshot in the DC universe. Alongside Smith, his wife Jada Smith also played the character of the villain Fish Mooney in the Gotham series.

Will Smith
The Smith family’s wardrobe choice led them to be dubbed as Rogues Gallery villains

The DC couple playing the role of bad guys decided to dress the entire family as the Rogues Gallery villains. The Smiths’ wardrobe choices made netizens dub them the famous DC characters. Fans took to Reddit to compare the Smiths to the Rogues, the famous villains of Batman.

The unique style of the Smiths on the premiere has put Reddit on fire with fans dubbing them as real-life DC villains. The Smiths seem to be back on track to be the fan’s favorite A-list family.

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Source: Reddit

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