After the short-lived relationship between Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian, it has been reported that the two had a fling afterward. The two started their relationship shortly after Kim k’s divorce from Kanye West. The relationship lasted only 9 months with sources saying Kanye West’s constant online attack against the Kardashians was the main reason for the split.

But a few months after the breakup news between Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian came out the two were reported to be hanging out. The report suggested that the two might have hooked up once again at Davidson’s New York Apartment.

Pete Davidson And Kim Kardashian Break-up

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson
Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson

The American socialite started dating Pete Davidson after 6 months after her divorce from Kanye West. Since then Kanye West has not shied away from making digs at the new couple. However, after being together for 9 months rumors about their split started coming around. And it was later confirmed that the two had broken up. The reason for the split are various but the main reason is suggested to be “busy schedules”.

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The Kardashians star wants to focus on her children and business while Davidson is busy with his acting career. According to ET, a source informed that their busy schedules resulted in fading of the spark between the two. The same source also reported that Kim Kardashian still adored Davidson but she was just not ready to settle down at the moment. Another source report also suggests that the constant digs from Kanye West might have also contributed to their split.

Kim K
Kim K

At the time of the split, the Skims owner was in California while the Saturday Night Live star was in Australia shooting a movie.

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Did Kim K and Pete Davidson Hooked-up after the split?

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian

Following the 9-month-long relationship split, it was reported that Kim K and Pete Davidson might have slept together once again.

A report by The Sun says the two had a secret sleepover at Kim K’s New York hotel room. That happened 2 months after the split. The report also informed that at the time, the American socialite had just returned from Paris fashion week. Davidson had been shooting Bupkis in New York.

A source informed that the comedian and actor visited Kim K’s New York hotel room. Also the next day Kim K was spotted sneaking out of the hotel room in disguise. The Source said,

“Pete visited Kim in her room and the next day Kim was seen sneaking out a back entrance of the hotel in a disguise,” 

That was the last time the two were spotted together after the break-up. Currently, Kim K is not in a relationship. Although she is considered legally ‘single’, the divorce with Kanye West still has not been officially finalized.

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