Swifties had been waiting for Midnight with bated breaths and it is finally here. It has not been a whole day and Taylor Swift fans have heard the whole thing out and have started passing their judgments and concocting theories already. One such theory that has become a very prominent one is that the song Vigilante S**t is actually about Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s divorce.

Swift’s rift with the former couple is a universally known fact and their relationship with each other has been a rollercoaster journey for years – from enemies to friends to enemies again. And her latest song suggests that there has been yet another plot twist to this dynamic.

Taylor Swift Midnights Vigilante shit about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West
Midnights by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian, secretly friends?

The track in question hints at the Red singer conniving with an adversary’s ex and giving her “cold hard proof.” Further lyrics read,

“Now she gets the house, gets the kids, gets the pride 

Picture me, thick as thieves with your ex-wife

And she looks so pretty

Driving in your Benz.”

Taylor Swift and Kanye West
Where it all began

Keeping in mind that Kim K and Kanye West went through a really ugly separation only last year, Taylor Swift could very well be talking about them here. In addition, the Yeezy founder has been throwing fits about not getting to be with his kids and controlling aspects of their lives as much as he would like, which again coincides with what the lyrics say. If it all adds up then that means that the Wildest Dreams singer and the SKIMS founder have covertly become friends. At least, that is what the Swifties have theorized.


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The idea of the two ladies teaming up to bring down the Donda rapper was a pleasant one for several fans.


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