Looking ageless in the entertainment industry is like having a sort of upper hand while working in show business. However, aging like a fine wine has also hopped onto the trend in the past few years. The American record producer, Pharrell William recently turned 50. He is referred to as the most influential and successful music producer of the 21st century. The former N.E.R.D. lead vocalist has been around the scene for quite a long while now.

Pharrell Williams
Record Producer, Pharrell Williams

Williams popped up in the industry when he started the band named N.E.R.D. in 1999. He has created a huge fanbase for himself all over the world through his work.

Why Did Fans Freak Out On Pharrell Williams’s Birthday Post?

Williams shared his 50th birthday pictures on social media to which the fans responded in a very interesting way. Fans flocked their way into the comments section to display their shock. One person replied, “How is it possible that I appear older than Pharrell Williams?… Who is literally 50 years old…”. A fan account commented, “Pharrell is officially 50 years old today. At this point, it is hard to imagine that he is actually that age.”. Another tweeted, “Pharrell is 50 years old going on 12,” while a third said: “Pharrell 50 years old still prob getting ID’ed for fags, while my kids are aging me like milk.”.

Pharrell Williams on his 50th Birthday
Pharrell Williams on his 50th Birthday

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Not only the fans but some other celebrities also wished the music producer on his birthday. Justin Timberlake wrote on Instagram, “HBD to my brother @pharrell. I’ve been around for almost half of the 50, and I gotta say, you’re just getting started.”.

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What Is The ‘Rank Of Immortal Vampires’?

The world of media refers to some celebrities and famous personalities as ‘immortal vampires’. This basically means that they have an age-defying appearance. Recently, The Happy singer was introduced to this title by the fans. An Internet user even suggested that “he really should procure a skincare line”. It’s like the fan didn’t get the memo that Williams has already launched his range of beauty products in 2020. His line, Humanrace, includes all from face creams to lotus enzyme exfoliators. The singer claims that simple exfoliation is the secret to his age-defying skin.

Pharrell Williams
Pharrell Williams launches his line Humanrace

Keanu Reeves is another name that is a part of the ‘Rank Of Immortal Vampires’.

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Source: The Mirror

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