There have been some brilliant movies over the years; especially the ones in the rom-com genres and animated. We have fallen in love with these films but while watching them after so many years, we tend to see certain flaws which we never noticed.

Here are some movies which you might have loved but now have probably gotten ruined for you!

1. Grease – 1978

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Fans often argue that Sandy is actually liberated and lets loose and finally becomes a Greaser. But if you think about it, she actually changed her entire personality and her sense of dressing just to satisfy her new boyfriend. The movie’s ending sends a message that you should change your entire personality for a man. And this is seriously not okay.


2. Adventures in Babysitting – 1987


Chris Parker is babysitting an eight-year-old and she actually ends up on an “adventure” out of the safe Chicago suburb and ends up on the South Side. The film just revolves around Chris and her friends who are running from one place to another trying to avoid car thieves and some gangs and get back safely to the suburbs.


3.  Legally Blonde – 2001

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The climax (sort of) has a part that revolves around a major gay stereotype. Elle Woods concludes that the prosecution’s important witness, Enrique is gay when he correctly identifies her shoes as Prada. She even tricks him into admitting that he is gay and has a boyfriend.

The problem in this film is actually twofold. Firstly she deduces him as gay by sending the message “Gay men know the designers while straight men don’t.” And this is such an untrue explanation. After that she even outs him. So not cool.

4. Wedding Crashers – 2005

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In the film, during the middle of the night, Gloria straps Jeremy to a bed and says she’s going to make “all his fantasies come true.” He is not okay with it and protests. In turn, she puts a sock into his mouth and shuts it with duct tape.

Later, Gloria’s gay brother sneaks into Jermey’s bed and cuddles with him against his will. The next day, Jeremy recalls what happened to him as “midnight rape” and says it might take him years of therapy to recover from the incident. But yet, he falls in love with Gloria and they get engaged.

5. Ace Ventura: Pet Detective – 1994

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The moment Ace Ventura finds out the person he had kissed is a man and not a woman, he has a transphobic reaction to it. He throws up in the shower and goes a step ahead by setting his clothes on fire as well.

It gets just worse from there. The next day, he stages it as a big “sex reveal” in which he actually pulled down the person’s pants. The entire room of men watching the same also vomit. This was an example of how trans people used to react and it was actually very common in comedies back in the ’90s.

6. Fantasia – 1940

Honestly, most of us have not seen the uncut version. This was way too racist and came out in 1940. The OG “Pastoral Symphony” scene had a group of glamorous female centaurs and among them was one half-donkey, half-human named Sunflower.

All the centaurs are white and Sunflower is given the appearance of a young Black girl. Now what is a more problematic part, is that she acts as a servant to others. So it was not surprising to see this get cut from the 1960s film.


7. White Chicks – 2004


This movie didn’t really age well since many viewers found it to be politically incorrect. White Chicks revolves around Marlon and Shawn Wayans who are F.B.I agents who are entrusted with transporting two socialites to the Hamptons. These socialites are key witnesses in a trial and need to be protected at any cost.

However, they get into a small car crash and the duo refuses to go to the Hamptons with marks on their faces. The agents up using prosthetics and wigs to go in their place and pretend to be women.

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