Though both Maximoff twins are significant characters in the Marvel comics universe, just Scarlet Witch has been a persistent presence in the MCU. As a result of Fox’s variation of the speedster in the X-Men franchise, Marvel’s Quicksilver was written out as promptly as he was presented in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Given his value, however, fans have been anticipating him to resurface since. And also it’s feasible that they’ll obtain their dream in 2021’s Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Doctor Strange To Feature Multiverse Travels

This intel originates from the people over at Lords of the Long Box. Pietro Maximoff will return many thanks to the universe-hopping that’ll occur in the motion picture. So, do not expect the Earth-616 Quicksilver to be resurrected following his worthy sacrifice in Sokovia back in 2015. This Pietro will undoubtedly be a variation from another Earth.

Quicksilver’s Possible Appearance In Doctor Strange 

Quicksilver's Possible Appearance In Doctor Strange 
Quicksilver had the ability of enhanced speed, through the help of the Mind Stone, whereas his sister had telepathic powers and power to control matter

As a result of this, it’s vague now if Aaron Taylor-Johnson will repeat the role. Nevertheless, likely, Marvel will undoubtedly bring him back, as opposed to most likely to the problem of finding either a new actor to play the component or perhaps going across over with the Fox globe and rehiring Evan Peters.

More On Doctor Strange Multiverse Of Madness 

More On Doctor Strange Multiverse Of Madness 
Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness is set for release on 2021 and will star Benedict Cumberbatch and Elizabeth Olsen

When the Doctor Strange sequel was officially announced at Comic-Con last month, it was validated that Elizabeth Olsen will certainly co-star together with Benedict Cumberbatch as Wanda, with the sorcerer and the witch set to traverse the multiverse. So, it’s straightforward to see precisely how a Quicksilver apparition could be factored right into the plot. It would undoubtedly be a significant minute for Wanda to encounter a various version of her much-missed brother. In any case, DS2 will straight follow up from WandaVision, the Disney And also series that shows up previously that same year. It’s theorized that she’ll remain in an unfavourable location in the flick, as her momentary happy life with Vision must have broken down if she’s going to be travelling with Odd. There’s also the concept that the Scarlet Witch will function as the villain of the piece. Seeing her dead brother once again possibly wouldn’t do her psychological stability any good.

Watch the trailer for Age of Ultron here:

Marvel's "Avengers: Age of Ultron" - Teaser Trailer (OFFICIAL)



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