Recently rapper EveryBodyKnowsLo was shot dead in a nightclub in Miami Florida. The talented rapper had a close relationship with infamous singer Chris Brown and was alleged to have physically abused women on multiple occasions.

Rappers getting clipped is sadly not a new phenomenon. Some of the biggest rappers of all time were shot and killed, including Biggie and Tupac. Often these rappers have long-standing beefs, and bad blood with gang members or with fellow rappers which occasionally take a violent turn.

Rapper Lowell Grissom, aka Everybodyknowslo, was Shot Dead at Miami Nightclub


EveryBodyKnowsLO died in a shooting at a nightclub in Miami in the early hours on May 7, 2023. According to reports, the late rapper lived in Los Angeles, California, and was dubbed Everybodyknowslo because of his influence in the hip-hop culture. As per Daily Mail reports, Lowell Grissom gained widespread attention due to controversial events in 2018 surrounding him and singer Chris Brown. 

Everybodyknowslo was accused of harassment charges, as claimed by an unknown woman who sued Brown and Grissom. The victim was allegedly abused and molested at the singer’s L.A. House in 2017, where she was forced to perform s***al acts. EveryBodyKnowsLO began his professional journey with Chris Brown, and his music is exclusively available on SoundCloud.

EveryBodyKnowsLo and Chris Brown
EveryBodyKnowsLo and Chris Brown

According to several reports, EveryBodyKnowsLO and two women were found injured in a gunshot wound in a shooting case. Police authorities report the news of the shooting case around 4 am at Gala nightclub near Miami Beach.

The shooting took place near Miami Beach at the nightclub and Florida city police reportedly received a call regarding the open firing incident inside a nightclub. Police officials arrived at the shooting spot and found three gunshot victims, EveryBodyKnowsLo, and two other females. EveryBodyKnowsLO was soon transported to the RyderTrauma Unit in Jackson Memorial Hospital. However, he died in hospital due to his severe injuries. 

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Following the incident, the GALA nightclub released a statement stating,

“We are shocked and deeply saddened by the isolated and targeted incident that occurred last night at our upscale establishment. Our condolences are with the family and friends of the victim during this time. We are fully committed to providing assistance and cooperating with the Miami Beach PD as they conduct their ongoing investigation.”

The Reason Behind EveryBodyKnowsLo’s Killing Still is Unknown. As reported by Marca, Miami Beach Police declined to provide any details regarding the shooting that took place early morning on Sunday. 

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A Brief Note on Famous Rappers Getting Clipped

Biggie and Tupac
Biggie and Tupac

Rappers have always had a deep and enduring connection with the streets. They’ve often dabbled in gang affairs and as a result of this, many were gunned down. Biggie and Tupac remain the two most infamous instances of the same. Rapping is a beautiful art that conveys human emotions and stories like no other art form, however, rap artists notoriously live chaotic lives.

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Violence and strife seem deeply embedded with MCing and the same has been the biggest tragedy plaguing the rap community for decades. This recent slaying has been yet another instance of this deadly trend.
Collective brainstorming and introspection need to be done to fix the situation and clean up the beautiful art of all that ails it and takes away the lives of its young artists. Rapping is beautiful and senseless violence has no place anywhere near this cherished art.

Source: Marca

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