While celebrating the 34th birthday of Run It! singer, Usher, and Chris Brown reportedly engaged in an all-out brawl and had an alleged physical altercation over Teyana Taylor. It was reported by eyewitnesses, the 44-year-old R&B artist, allegedly suffered a bleeding nose after their feud. However, according to new video footage of the My Boo singer, he looks completely unfazed and unharmed after the incident. 


Showing off his mug to the camera, Usher confirmed performing his show and even shared a few snaps of himself from the Lovers & Friends concert backstage. Posing no visible sign of injury or bruising, the singer seemed to be suggesting how fine he is, despite his squabble with his homie, Chris Brown. 

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Usher Seems Unfazed After Physical Altercation 

A day after Chris Brown’s 34th birthday party where Brown and his crew allegedly whooped Usher, the Superstar singer showed no sign of visible injuries. Making sure to show a close-up shot of his face, the 44-year-old subtly shared a new video looking completely unbothered after the alleged altercation. Without confirming or denying any of the speculations shared by eyewitnesses, the Nice & Slow singer simply shared his video footage. 

Lovers & Friends concert, Las Vegas

Although it’s unclear if he’s wearing makeup to hide bruising, Usher looked fine otherwise. Sharing snaps of himself from the Lovers & Friends concert backstage, the singer looked forward to his performance despite the unfortunate squabble that went down between him and Brown. Simply trying to channel the fact that he’s doing fine, the 44-year-old shared the video. 

Despite the fact that something went down between him and Brown, Usher appears to be suggesting he’s fine and quite ready to forgive the altercation and get back on stage. Regardless of his squabble with the Go Crazy singer, his performance in Las Vegas wasn’t affected. However, sources later claimed to TMZ, that Usher was indeed injured after the feud yet he promised to power through and put up a good show.  

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Usher And Chris Brown’s Alleged Squabble 

According to several sources, Usher and Chris Brown being great friends for almost two decades, the 44-year-old decided to throw a birthday bash for Brown on his 34th birthday. Throwing a party at a skating rink in Las Vegas, the two R&B artists along with other guests enjoyed their time until things allegedly went down, involving Teyana Taylor. 

Usher and Chris Brown

Taylor had been great friends with the birthday boy and even stood up for him amid his domestic violence drama with Rihanna. However, on his 34th birthday, for some reason, sources claimed Teyana Taylor had been ignoring Brown. Failing to understand and accept her ignorance, the Under the Influence hitmaker started yelling and cursing. That’s when Usher intervened and got involved in a physical altercation with Chris Brown

Chris Brown
Chris Brown and Usher’s verbal spat

The 34-year-old left the spot in a fit of anger with his crew, followed by the OMG singer. Taking things outside in an attempt to calm down the birthday boy, Usher went behind the charter buses. Apparently, according to eyewitnesses, that’s when things took an unfortunate turn and ended up in a physical fight. Later the 44-year-old allegedly appeared from behind the buses with a bleeding nose. However, none of the parties involved reported to the police or were hospitalized after the incident. 

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Source: TMZ

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