Chris Brown, the “Kiss Kiss” crooner, turned 34 on May 5. The American singer-songwriter reportedly got into heated arguments and physical altercations with his longtime friend and mentor, Usher, at his birthday party. Usher and Brown have shared a long and amicable friendship since the latter burst onto the music scene in 2005.

The two singers have collaborated on songs and projects like “New Flame” and “Party.” Usher even made an appearance on “Chris Brown: Welcome to My Life,” which was a documentary about the life and career trajectory of Chris Brown. Before Brown and Usher got into the argument and physical violence, videos surfaced on how Usher even sang Happy Birthday to the “Under the Influence” star and hosted a birthday party.

Chris Brown
Chris Brown

Sources claim based on the viral video posted online that the fight between Brown and Usher started over Teyana Taylor at Chris’ birthday party event in Las Vegas. Chris Brown wasn’t feeling good with Taylor being at his birthday party as the two aren’t on good terms.

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Reasons for Chris Brown and Teyana Taylor having sour relationships.

What had Teyana Taylor done that Chris Brown was so angered seeing her at his own birthday party and lost his calm as he wanted her gone from the event? The reason for the animosity between the two artists stemmed from Brown’s canceled performance at the 2022 American Music Awards back in November where he was scheduled to perform a Michael Jackson tribute.

Teyana Taylor was supposed to make appearance for the performance instead, Taylor backed out at the last minute due to other work commitments thus leading to the cancellation of Brown’s performance. Since then Brown is infuriated at Taylor as the former feels that the latter is to be blamed for his performance cancellation.

Chris Brown
Controversial skater party of Chris Brown.

Even Taylor felt that she was the reason for Brown’s performance being shelved and apparently when she appeared at his birthday party, Brown wanted to confront her and clear the air revolving around their issues. But Taylor reportedly ignored Brown despite him trying to approach her multiple times and this angered the “Loyal” star.

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Troubles ahead for Chris Brown.

This new feud of Chris Brown where speculations are of his physical quarrel with long term close friend and mentor, Usher, has invited new legal troubles for the singer as he is already legally involved and plead guilty for beating then girlfriend, Rihanna in 2009. Rihanna’s relationship with Brown was the most public one when the two dated from 2007-2009 but Brown physically assaulted Rihanna, a night prior to the Grammy’s in his Lamborghini and was subsequently sentenced to community service and domestic violence counselling, plus a restraining order.

Chris Brown and Rihanna
Chris Brown and Rihanna.

The recent scuffle between Chris Brown and Usher in Las Vegas has definitely affected the friendship between the two. After the heated arguments when Usher went to check on Brown and his crew, he soon emerged from behind charter buses with a bleeding nose. There hasn’t been any update from all the three parties involved in the recent birthday celebration turned ugly episode.

Now only further official revelations can give us the true picture of the incident and the current relationship status between Chris Brown and his mentor Usher.

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