Thanos was defeated for good by the Avengers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the chances of him returning now, are slim. If the MCU ever wanted to bring in the Mad Titan again, a Dark Guardians tale shows how to do so. Thanos reappeared after his death in a recent Guardians of the Galaxy series, taking the guise of a member of his own family.

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MCU’S Farewell to Thanos

Thanos was murdered twice in Avengers: Endgame, which is likely his final live-action appearance. After learning that the Mad Titan destroyed the Infinity Stones, Thor rips the Mad Titan’s head off on Titan II early in the MCU film. Later in the film, a resurrected Thanos tries to prevent the Avengers from reversing his ultimate victory, resulting in an epic final confrontation in which Iron Man snaps the villain out of existence. The villain’s multi-film arc came to a gratifying finish with Thanos’ death at the hands of the Avengers. However, if Marvel wants to reintroduce Thanos to the fold in a different way, a 2019 Guardians of the Galaxy narrative demonstrates how it could be done without causing too much disruption.

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Guardians of the Galaxy – Thanos

After knowing that his brother Thanos would be reborn in someone else’s body following his death at the hands of Gamora, Eros formed the Dark Guardians in Donny Cates, Geoff Shaw, Cory Smith, and David Curiel’s run on Guardians of the Galaxy. The team included the Cosmic Ghost-Rider, Wraith, Gladiator, and Nebula, as well as other formidable characters from Marvel’s cosmic cosmos. Before it was too late, they needed to find the person Thanos would be resurrected as. In the end, Eros believed Gamora may be Thanos’ next host.

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It would be a bold move for Marvel to bring Thanos back into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He had a satisfying plot arc that culminated in one of the most dramatic defeats ever seen in video games. However, if Marvel ever wants to bring Thanos back while also introducing a slew of new cosmic characters, they need only go at the Dark Guardians arc, which represents a feasible storytelling path for Thanos to return.

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