Lisa Marie Presley’s eldest daughter Riley Keough does not seem to have a good relationship after her passing. The singer shockingly passed away in January 2023 after suffering a cardiac arrest. And seems like things are not going well between the late singer’s mother and daughter. Priscilla Presley and The Lodge star are indulged in an inheritance feud. Lisa Marie Presley removed her mother from her will and named her elder children, Riley Keough and Benjamin Keough, as her heirs.

Lisa Marie Presley with her daughter and mother
Lisa Marie Presley with her daughter and mother

However, Benjamin Keough passed away in 2020, leaving the Logan Lucky actress the sole heir. But Presley’s mother was not satisfied with the amendment and challenged it in court.

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Riley Keough Reportedly Surprised With Her Grandmother’s Behavior

On Lisa Marie Presley’s 55th birthday, Priscilla Presley honored her daughter and expressed her desire to keep her grandchildren safe. However, new reports have claimed that her eldest granddaughter, Riley Keough, is “seeing a new side of her grandmother.”

Sources also claimed that although the late singer had some issues with her mother, she never dragged her children into it and they have had a good relationship with their grandmother. The news comes after it was revealed that Keough and her grandmother are not talking due to the inheritance feud.

Riley Keough And Priscilla Presley
Priscilla Presley and Riley Keough

“Riley and Priscilla are not talking. Their relationship is changing, that is true … it’s just so sad. This is the time Riley would really need her grandmother,” the source said. Priscilla Presley was a trustee of her daughter’s estate until 2016.

However, Lisa Marie Presley changed her will in 2016, when she removed her mother’s name. But Priscilla Presley believes that the amendment was forged with the use of an invalid signature. While her grandmother has taken the issue to court, The Guilty star reportedly wants to settle everything privately.

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Riley Keough is Feeling Very Stressed

The American Honey actress is reportedly very stressed due to the ongoing issue with her grandmother. Sources have shared that Riley Keough preferred solving the issue privately and was heartbroken after Priscilla Presley took the matter to the court.

Riley Keough with her mother
Riley Keough with her mother

“She is heartbroken that this has turned into a public matter and knows her mother would never want this,” the source revealed. The 33-year-old actress has lost her mother and brother in the last three years and is trying her best to keep a positive attitude.

But the issues with her grandmother are only making it harder as she is still convinced that Lisa Marie Presley’s will  “had been forged.” She is adamant that her claim is right and is not planning to back out any time soon. They are reportedly not talking, and Riley Keough is also reportedly planning to skip the 95th Academy Awards as Priscilla Presley will be joining the ceremony to support Austin Butler.

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Source: RadarOnline

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