Rita Ora made the 2014 MTV movie awards memorable by giving the audience a glimpse of Baywatch star Zac Efron’s shirtless abs. While the audience was in awe and caught up in the moment, later it was unclear if ripping off Efron’s shirt was on the spot or a well-rehearsed publicity stunt. What we do know is that when it was asked both the stars whether the shirtless moment was a scripted one they straightway rejected it and instead said it was a natural incident.

Rita Ora
Rita Ora’s look from Met Gala 2023.

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Why Did Rita Ora Rip Off Zac Efron’s Shirt?

The MTV movie awards have an interesting set of categories under which the celebrities are nominated and similarly, in the 2014 award show, Zac Efron was nominated for his physique; to be more precise, for Best Shirtless Performance. Well, Efron’s way to the award was not an easy one but rather filled with tough competitors like, Sam Claflin, Jennifer Aniston, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Chris Hemsworth.

One of Efron’s tweets even read that “If I beat Thor- I’m accepting the award shirtless on stage,” Guess that it turned out to be true as when his name was called out the audience eagerly waited to see if he would remove his shirt as promised.

Rita Ora
Zac Efron

Efron made his way up to the stage, in a blue button-down shirt and black pants, and upon receiving the award he commenced his speech. It somehow appeared that Efron was going to conclude his speech without keeping his promise but Ora popped out of nowhere and she ripped open his shirt.

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Did Rita Ora And Zac Efron Choreograph The Shirt Stunt?

After Ora ripped Efron’s shirt off in front of the audience, rumors spread at a great speed that the two choreographed the entire acceptance speech. Though Zac Efron staunchly denied the accusations when asked about the incident soon after.

When asked if Efron knew that Rita Ora would rip his shirt open on the stage, he explained that “No I did not [know] honest to God,” “I had no idea. I had some sort of terrible speech planned, I was having a mild heart attack up there and Rita, bless her heart saved me.”

Efron continued, “She’s really cool man, I said, ‘Thank you so much’. She was like, ‘Really?’ I said: ‘Yeah you saved me from a pretty embarrassing speech’.”

Rita Ora
Zac Efron goes shirtless at MTV awards.

Similarly when Ora was asked the same question in the weeks after the MTV Movie Awards. if they had planned the stunt, she adamantly rejected the claims and said that it was a spontaneous moment. Ora added, “Kind of like somebody in my mind spoke to me and said, ‘You better go rip that shirt off!'”

Although once the fans were out of the moment, many had the same question, if what they witnessed was really an unplanned moment or not.

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Source: Daily Mail 



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