Rob Liefeld revealed that Colossus almost had a very different costume in Deadpool. Anyone who was trying to seek out more comics-accurate combat the mutant goes to be pretty excited by this new key art. The X-Men member was one of the fun moments within the primary film. He provided an outstanding surface for Deadpool to bounce off of. The T-Rex hands moment sets the table for the type of screwball antics expecting the audience over a subsequent hour and so. Still, things would wish to modify up slightly on the massive screen.

Liefeld’s twitter post is killing it

Liefeld wrote on Twitter, “This is one of the first pieces of keyframe art that Tim  Miller sent me. #QuarantineWatchParty #Deadpool

The topic of who would be teaming with  Merc with a Mouth came up in a comic book’s show called #QuarantineWatchParty. Of course, everyone wants to know if Spider-Man could be one of the heroes to face alongside him. Well, for Liefeld, the business side of things and each one the red tape involved makes the prospect of a Spider-Man moment quite hard. Sony owns the rights to Spidey and it becomes a problem if the company would lend Disney the character for a further film.

You Know? How does that happen?

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This Deadpool is bringing us surprises

See, now there it goes! So, that’s great. He knows that he simply  doesn’t fully understand what that interaction is. If he told him that Deadpool was going to run through the subsequent ten minutes of a Spider-Man movie… Spider-Man and Deadpool are the most important pairing. He just doesn’t understand the Sony/Disney relationship. As you know it, it’s a movie at a time right? He always goes on like ‘what does Disney have?’ Sony may be a different animal.”

Deadpool interactions

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Are you all ready?!

Deadpool has had some fun interactions with Hulk within the comments, which he feels things are always richer when they’re taken from the page, according to Liefeld. He thinks fans would go crazy if they saw Ruffalo’s Hulk in Deadpool. That’s been his go-to account since the last year.

Watch out the #quarantinewatchparty video here:

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