When the new trend about creating a LinkedIn Facebook Instagram and Tinder meme flooded the social media, why would the super heroes stay behind? The infamous Deadpool took part in this new trend and it turned out to be the best one yet. The hilarious meme was a combination of pictures of Deadpool from the all the parts of the movies.

Where is Deadpool now?

Where is Deadpool now?
Deadpool 3 in the process

In another news piece, with Merc with a Mouth, Deadpool is probably on his way to the Marvel Universe after the Fox/Disney merger

“We’re in touch with Ryan,” Wernick began. “We’ve got several projects with him. Moving forward, we’ve got 6 Underground on Netflix coming out in December with Ryan. Then, we’re rewriting Clue for him right now, which will hopefully shoot in the spring. We’ve got a few other things brewing with him, not including Deadpool, which will hopefully could come to the surface real soon.”

What does everybody else have to say?

What does everybody else have to say?
Deadpool winning the hearts

The prospect of working with Marvel Studios eventually comes up. “Ryan’s our muse. We would do everything with Ryan, every single project, if we could,” Wernick added. “We just love him so much. He’s a brilliant actor and a dear friend. Yeah. When that text comes, we will open final draft and start with the title page of Deadpool 3.”

Deadpool comic writer and artist, Rob Liefeld recently admitted that that Disney opting to make more movies with the character is possible, even if the plans to include Marvel happens in due course.

“You know, I just hope they can get it together,” Liefeld explained to Variety. “Fans want it. Fans want to see it. The whole thing about Deadpool is that culture moves so fast now and two years ago feels like twenty. There were two R-rated movies — and they were R-rated movies — that together made $1.2 billion and yes, I looked at those and counted them up.”

Deadpool: The inevitable

Deadpool: The inevitable
Deadpool winning the social media

It turns out that Deadpool can easily ace everything he does, even if unknowingly, whether be it the story itself, or the movie or even the four grid meme flooding the social media.

A living vampire? Do vampires even exist?

Source: ComicBook, Deadpool

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