Infinity War seems to hint that Tony Stark and Shuri will finally have an encounter in next year’s most awaited Avengers 4. If true, then marvel fans around the world will be in for a huge treat as these two geniuses team up.

As known to most these two tech giants are seen as rivals among fans in the context relating new heroes vs the old heroes. This fire was ignited when Black Panther director Ryan Coogler in his interview at June last year stated that the Wakanda princess was “at par with Tony Stark.”

Further, this statement was confirmed when producer Nate Moore described Shuri as “the smartest person in the world, smarter than Tony Stark.”

To add to to the annoyance of Tony Stark’s fans even the Russo brothers confirmed that they see her as the smartest person of MCU to date.

Thus, the ‘better tech giant’ debate has been raging social media since.

One Twitter user with the username SpideySensesYou has speckled a small hint which may give answers relating the two geniuses’ crossover. The behind the scenes reel of Avengers Infinity war incorporated an interview with Robert Downey Jr most possibly conducted during the shooting of Avengers 4 due to his blonde hair and grey beard. Significantly, though, he’s on the set of the Wakandan Design Lab. However, the tweet may overstate the matter a little as it just proves that Shuri’s lab will be seen in Avengers 4. It’s not uncommon for an interview to take place in a free set as a plain background is quite bland. The crossover between Shuri and Iron Man May still be a rumour.

At the same time, though, it would make sense for Wakanda to play an important role in Avengers 4. The fictional world of Wakanda is the most tech advanced place in the world and has good relations with the Avengers. Thus it’s highly possible for Wakanda to become a base of operations for the Avengers, as that try to put right the outside world filled with chaos and problems.

Meanwhile, Tony Stark will definitely help the Avengers and plunge himself into action by putting the chaos at bay so it’s highly possible that he would head straight to Wakanda. That could easily mean viewers are finally treated to scenes in which Tony Stark and Shuri work side-by-side.

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