Harry Potter and Spider-Man are undeniably the movies that set the standards high in the world of entertainment, of which one is directed by acclaimed director Chris Columbus. However, the director was given a chance to helm Spider-Man as well but he refused.

Marvel's Spider-Man

The director holds remarkable experience in working with kids and young actors for crafting their characters in the best way possible. Chris Columbus’ work in his $441 million movie Mrs. Doubtfire starring Robin Williams is a perfect example of his creativity. While the director was working on Harry Potter, he was offered to direct Spider-Man, and even after being the web slinger’s fan, Columbus rejected the project over his aspiration for Hogwarts.

Chris Columbus Rejected Spider-Man for Harry Potter

Before Sam Raimi secured the director’s chair for Spider-Man, another acclaimed director Chris Columbus proposed the offer to put his vision into the project. At that very time, the Mrs. Doubtfire director successfully helmed the first two Harry Potter films as he was urged by his daughter to read the book. After reading the book, Columbus prepared a complete document to express his vision for Harry Potter and was successful in appealing to the film’s executive.

Harry Potter movie
Harry Potter

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Soon after Harry Potter, Chris Columbus was presented the offer to direct Spider-Man, who’s in fact the director’s hero since his childhood. Columbus grew up a Marvel fan and despite his love for the web-slinger, he had to ditch the project as he was already occupied with crafting the thrilling happenings in Hogwarts. In an interview with Screen Rant, Columbus said:

“I really probably heard the day before I got the Spider-Man offer, that I got Harry Potter. And whoever it was, was like, “Is he crazy? How could he pass up Spider-Man?” and part of me felt that way because it’s probably something I was waiting my entire life to do. But I’m glad I decided to go with Potter. I’m happy about that.”

The Harry Potter director mentioned that many believed that the decision to ditch Tobey Maguire‘s Spider-Man was insane. However, Columbus was determined to elaborate on the magical powers of friendship, bravery, and love, he had to refuse the project that was destined for Sam Raimi.

Chris Columbus’ Thoughts on Getting a New Spider-Man Project

In the same interview, Chris Columbus was asked if he would want to direct Spider-Man now and how he would react, to which the Home Alone director responded: “I think it’s been done really well. You don’t need me to do Spider-Man.” The director explained that he’s impressed by the way Spider-Man is crafted and the film won’t require him as the director as it already has some of the notable creators.

Director Chris Columbus
Chris Columbus

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The Jingle All the Way director then continued to shed light on his work in Harry Potter and mentioned his thoughts while revealing some infamous trivia facts about Harry Potter movies he made. Chris Columbus also explained:

“We learned little things here and there. The biggest thing we needed to know because there were only three books, was how dark the series was going to get. That was Jo Rowling’s intention from the beginning.”

The first two films that Chris Columbus secured received immense commendation followed by their continuing parts by different directors that were equally well-received and became blockbuster hits. Chris Columbus mentioned that he was content with the decision he made.

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Harry Potter is available to stream on Max.

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