Chris Evans has confirmed his exit from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, announcing this through a tweet on Thursday. The actor paid his gratitude to fans for their support and this tweet triggered a lot of emotions from many fans and even celebrities.

One of them is Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds, who expressed his heartfelt feelings for Evans.

“I’m not crying,” he wrote in response to Evans’ tweet. “I’m weeping. There’s a difference.”

Many fans are still willing to know what happens with Evans at the end of Avengers 4. Captain America is among the original and oldest members of the Avengers squad, starting his Cinematic journey in 2011 with Captain America: The First Avenger.

Meanwhile, Ryan Reynolds is currently getting ready for Fox’s upcoming X-Force film before Fox merges with Disney, bringing along all Fox-owned franchises to the MCU.

Avengers 4 will hit the theatres on May 3, 2019.

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