One of the most divisive characters even in the MCU, Sam Wilson has a lot of tales to tell if you would dare to listen. Here are a few Sam Wilson stories the MCU never told us.

The Coming Of… The Falcon

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Falcon & Redwing

The comic book arc serves as a backdoor origin story for Sam Wilson aka the Falcon of Marvel Comics. Captain America heads to an island to face off against the Red Skull. There he meets Sam Wilson, whom the Red Skull had abducted and kept hostage there. It was there that the Red Skull experimented on Sam and gave him his wings and the ability to talk to birds. That’s right. Sam Wilson has the ability to communicate with birds, something the movies never show us. Moreover this is the issue where Redwing, Falcon’s famed pet, shows up for the first time.

American Psycho

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2005 Miniseries

This 2005 comic book arc met with a lot of criticism back in the day. This may be the reason why the Marvel Cinematic Universe refused to adapt it into the movies in any manner. The comic book issue sees Sam Wilson revert back to his pre-superhero days. He starts to get involved in criminal activities and becomes a liability to society. Steve Rogers, Sam’s best friend and greatest ally, has to come forward to save Sam from whatever is making him do all this. It is only when an Avenger is shot that Sam Wilson manages to return back to normal. He then tries to rectify his mistakes and undo all the errors he committed in the past.

The Burden Of Dreams

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Sam Wilson

A highly underrated Marvel comic book arc, The Burden Of Dreams would be every Bucky Barnes fan’s wet dream come true. Civil War totally destroyed the Avengers as a team. No one trusted each other after the Iron Man-Captain America rivalry fiasco, forced to choose a side with respect to the SRA. Captain America was brutally shot by an assassin even after he surrendered at the end of Civil War to be put on trial for treason. Bucky Barnes was poised to become the new Captain America, as per Steve’s final wishes. Bucky later learns that Doctor Faustus is connected to Cap’s assassination. So he enlists the help of Sam Wilson for one final adventure to nab Faustus before becoming Marvel’s new Captain America.


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For every Captain America fan, Standoff is a must read. The reason is simple – it features not one but three different Captain Americas. Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, and Sam Wilson – all three have assumed the mantle. In this story, Sam Wilson realizes SHIELD has gone behind his back and is making their own Cosmic Cube. Sam refuses to cover up the truth for SHIELD and rebels against them. Bucky and Steve soon come to his aid and together they must put an end to this dangerous experiment. This story proved Sam Wilson was a better Captain America than most other candidates because he respected and answered only to the will of the people under his protection, not the government.

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