There is no question that the church of Scientology has its own ways of working. And according to reports Tom Cruise’s connection with it might be the reason behind the estrangement from his daughter Suri Cruise. Recently it has come to light that the Mission Impossible star has not had any interaction with his daughter for the past several years. His association with the church also had a huge role to play in two of his divorce (Katie Holmes and Nicole Kidman). And it all apparently has to do with certain rules of the organization. These rules allegedly prevent members from associating with non-members even if that means cutting ties with family members.

Tom Cruise Reported to be Absent From Daughter Suri Cruise’s life for Scientology

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise

No matter how loved Tom Cruise is by the fans, his association with the Church of Scientology has made him unpopular among many. Being a part of the organization has cost him his relationships as far as reports go. Reportedly, his divorce from Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes had a lot to do with his allegiance to Scientology. Moreover, the church has even prevented him from seeing his daughter Suri Cruise. According to the 2012 transcripts from his defamation lawsuit, it came to light that he had not seen his daughter for months. And this was a year after his divorce from Holmes. An insider blamed it the church saying,

 “This is his loss, his issue, his problem. He must be really brainwashed,”

And now once again a report has come out with similar information. Recently, Page Six came out with the report that Cruise has had no interaction with his daughter Suri for the past several years. She is 16 at the moment.

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Suri Cruise
Suri Cruise

And it seems that it has a lot to do with the church of Scientology since the actor’s other two kids from Kidman are with him to this day. They are also a part of the church therefore the Top Gun star is allowed to interact with them. However, in Suri Cruise’s case, she like her mother Holmes did not join the church of Scientology. And that has resulted in having no link with her father.

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Tom Cruise’s Scientology Association and His  Divorces

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise

After a decade-long marriage to his former wife Nicole Kidman, Tom Cruise decided to call it quits. Afterward, it came to light that the decision allegedly had to do with his association with the church of Scientology. According to various reports, one of the church’s internal rules is to prevent “fraternizing” with non-members. Therefore it might probably have been the reason behind the split. Their two adopted kids followed in their father’s footsteps. Also, the Mission Impossible star took full custody of them after the divorce. His next marriage with Katie Holmes also came to an end in 2011 due to his Scientology link according to the actor.

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Source: Page Six

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