Gerard Piqué and Shakira’s split shook the internet. The news caught both the stars’ fans by shock. Soon, the internet was polarized over who was to blame and who was the victim in this case. And there was one clear favorite – Shakira. Following the rumors that the couple had split because of Piqué cheating on Shakira, Piqué’s popularity went down tremendously. Everyone united in support of Shakira, wondering who the Spanish International could have cheated with. And the answer is here.

Piqué finally discloses who is his new girlfriend

Gerard Pique
Gerard Pique and Clara Chia Marti were finally seen together as a couple 

Gerard Piqué has finally revealed the much-debated identity of the secret woman with whom he was in a relationship. According to the ‘Mamarazzis’ of El Periódico, Gerard Pique attended a Dani Martin concert where he was seen getting intimate with a 23-year-old by the name of Clara Chia Marti. It is rumoured that they met in Kosmos, which is a brand owned by Pique. She is a student intern there.

This was the first time Piqué has been publicly pictured getting cosy with his new love, the woman with whom he cheated on Shakira. This means that he will not keep his clandestine love affair a secret anymore. Bold move, Piqué. Bold move.

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Fans troll Pique; say Shakira has done more for soccer than him

sudafrica 2010 el mundial que comenzo el romance entre gerard pique y shakira
Fans troll Piqué claiming Shakira has done more for football than he ever will

The big reveal has reinvigorated Shakira’s fans, who have now come out all guns blazing, against Piqué (or Pigqué, as they like to call him).

A Twitter user, going by the handle of @meldoggos went as far as to claim that Shakira had done more for soccer than Pique…sorry, Pigqué, ever will, referring to the songs she has sung for the FIFA Football World Cup.

And Twitter couldn’t help but agree with the statement.

Shakira wins praises all around

Shakira with her kids

While the internet is busy defending Shakira, she has given no sign of being disturbed by such information. She has shown no signs of pettiness and has already moved on from that chapter of her life. Piqué is a thing of the past for her now. Her kids are what’s important to her. And for their sake, she has to deal with the twin menace of a custody battle and tax violation case.

Shakira truly is a class act.

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Source: Twitter 

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