The Shakira vs Pique saga is seemingly coming to an end after months of conflict. Their split was a big shock for the world and the custody battle between the celebrity couple kept reaping headlines every other day. Finally, after months of speculation and legal discussions between the two parties, the Waka Waka singer has emerged victorious. From the beginning, she had made it clear that she wanted to take her kids and start a new life in Miami since Pique had sabotaged the one they had in Barcelona.

However, it wasn’t as easy for Pique to give up on his kids either. He repeatedly denied the request exercising his role as the patriarch, but in the end, he had to give in but it wasn’t easily done.

Pique and Shakira concluded the custody battle after an intense 12-hour negotiation

Shakira and Gerard with their kids
Shakira and Gerard Pique with their kids

According to reports, the conclusion for the former A-list couple’s kids’ future was reached through an intense negotiation that lasted almost 12 hours. Spanish newspaper El Mundotalked to insiders and sources close to Gerard Pique and Shakira and their respective families. The outlet’s La Otra Cronica (LOC) section detailed that it was not an easy decision to have come to pass. The rising tension between the two parties often reached the limit as Shakira was adamant about her demands.

Pique is known to have stormed off from previous legal meetings regarding the custody of their kids as well. And he was close to doing something similar this time around as well, but he decided to stick it out for the sake of their kids.

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Shakira emerged victorious for once

Shakira With Her Kids
Shakira with her kids

During the 12-hour negotiation, many times the exchange got so heated that it seemed that the session would be broken off and all contact barred due to uncompromising hostility. But the 35-year-old realized that letting the kids settle with their mother is in their best interest.

The Columbian singer won this round and was allowed to move to Miami with her children. However, a collateral set of rules and conditions were also established keeping everyone’s benefits in mind.

Shakira and Pique finally resolve the custody battle
Shakira and Pique finally resolve the custody battle

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The negotiation ended with the former lovers bidding adieu in a civil and polite manner, and Pique walking out the door with his lawyers while Shakira stayed back at home with hers.

The final and mutual decision establishes that the two kids would indeed move with their mother to Miami but only after the end of their current school term so they don’t get behind by a year and also make the transition slow and easy. So by January, after the end of the Spanish schools’ Christmas holidays, Milan and Sasha will start a new life on the American continent.

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Source: Marca

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