The Queen of Latin Music, Shakira has been in the public eye since she was a teenager. The Colombian singer has produced several hit records. Shakira, 45 is especially known for her versatility and is the recipient of many accolades. Her best-selling records have earned her Grammys which reside in her ex-husband Gerard Pique’s office and she is ready to fight for it.

Pique still keeps Shakira’s Grammys in his office and refuses to return them

Shakira and Gerard Pique at an event
Shakira and Gerard Pique at an event

Marca, a Spanish Media outlet reported that the Grammy awards won by the Hips Don’t Lie singer are on display in Barcelona defender Pique’s office at Kosmos HQ. Jordi Martin, a press reporter mentioned that Shakira is ready to fight to get back her possessions, from her ex. He said, “Shakira’s Grammy awards are still on display there, and he hasn’t given them back to her.” There are about 15 awards that are guarded in the office and Shakira would very much like them back.

The football star’s new girlfriend is also extremely unhappy about this whole situation. Clara Chia Marti who is now Pique’s new love interest works for Kosmos and is positioned as an event coordinator. As the reports state, she has to see the awards every day as she comes in for work and the sight troubles her. 

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The couple chose to part ways after 12 years together

Shakira and Gerard Pique's first Red Carpet
Shakira and Gerard Pique’s first Red Carpet

The duo first met before the 2010 FIFA World Cup during the shooting of Shakira’s ‘Waka Waka’ music video. It is to be noted that Pique played a significant role in bringing the cup to Spain. However, the longer than a decade relationship came to an end and there have been many speculations as to why.

 In June of this year, Shakira and Gerard Pique announced their separation via an official statement. It has been alleged that the relationship came to an end due to infidelity. Reportedly, Pique had been unfaithful to the singer which is what brought an end to the pair. Amidst this, the ex-lovers are now trying to come up with new arrangements regarding their two children.

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Shakira plans on moving to Miami to flee the harassment

Shakira and Gerard Pique clicked together
Shakira and Gerard Pique clicked together

The Whenever, Wherever singer is preparing to take Pique to court for the custody of their children and possessions that they jointly own. The couple are parents to two children together, Milan and Sasha. According to reports, Shakira wishes to move to Miami, away from Spain. She made this decision following the harassment that she has been facing in Catalonia. 

It is also being reported that Gerard Pique will sign an agreement for Shakira. The agreement allegedly states that the singer will move to the States with their children. In exchange, the football defender demands a package for first-class tickets to visit them and 400 US Dollars as compensatory pay.

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The reports also mention that Pique might play his final season for Barcelona. He plans to move to Inter Miami. He might leave as soon as his Barca contract terminates in 2024. This would be a blessing in disguise as he would be in close vicinity of his children.

The pair seem to have an agreement and terms to act for the future which affects their young children the least. The rest will be witnessed in court when the two battle for their children’s custody and possessions.

Source: Sportskeeda

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