The DC Universe is in a bright spot with the release of well-received and financially successful films, including the big screen debut of Shazam! The original Captain Marvel dazzled audiences and earned a respectable box office of $364 million against a budget of $100 million, so a sequel seems like a no brainer. And while fans might be upset that Black Adam didn’t appear in the film, a deleted scene goes a long way to set up the inevitable clash between Billy Watson and Teth-Adam.

Shazam Black Adam Scene - Shazam vs Black Adam Teaser Breakdown

Deleted scene about the inevitable clash between Billy Watson and Teth-Adam released

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Deleted scene about the inevitable clash between Billy Watson and Teth-Adam released


With Shazam! set to hit digital storefronts on July 2nd followed by its Blu-ray and DVD release on July 16th, deleted scenes are starting to work their way tot he public and drum up interest for the latest DC superhero film. And one includes a subtle nod to Shazam’s arch nemesis Black Adam. Watch the clip above!

Black Adam was the Wizard’s champion before Billy Batson, and as the movie hinted, he turned his back on their ways and used the powers for reasons that went against the council’s beliefs. While he wasn’t exactly selfish, Black Adam was not the altruistic champion that the Billy Watson was.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has long been attached to play Black Adam on the big screen, and he’s the one who kicked off the whole franchise when he met with Warner Bros. Pictures and decided to play the villain. But because of his busy schedule and DC’s need to get a new hero in theaters, the planned solo movie for Black Adam has suffered numerous setbacks.

But all of that might change now that The Rock’s Jungle Cruise director Jaume Collet-Serra has signed on to direct Black Adam, and the project is finally picking up momentum. Johnson himself took to social media to praise the project.


“For those who know the comic books and who know the mythology of Shazam, Shazam is connected to Black Adam,” Johnson explained in a video posted on his personal Instagram page.”Black Adam is an antihero or villain, who I can not wait to play. I’ve been developing this, and it’s been with me in my DNA, for over ten years now. We should start shooting that in about a year. I’m very excited about that…”I can’t wait to play Black Adam, because they’re all getting their asses kicked when I play Black Adam. That day of reckoning is coming for everyone.”

Digital Release:

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Stills from Shazam!
Shazam! will be available on Digital HD on July 2nd, followed by its Blu-ray and DVD release on July 16th.
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