Taylor Swift is well-known in the music industry for her mesmerizing pop songs, candid lyrics, and stunning vocals. The 33-year-old started her musical career at a young age and has since grown to be one of the most famous musicians of her generation. Throughout her decade-long career in the music industry, she has released various albums that have won awards, set numerous records, and garnered a devoted fan base from all over the world. However, Swift is no stranger to the spotlight, having spent most of her life in the public eye. But her boyfriend, actor Joe Alwyn, has had a much different experience with fame.

Taylor Swift
Popstar, Taylor Swift

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Taylor Swift And Joe Alwyn’s Split Over Fame

Taylor Swift and her ex-boyfriend’s love story has come to an end after six years of dating. The new details behind their split have emerged from sources close to the former couple. It was earlier reported that the couple had broken up a few weeks ago, and the reason behind their split was that they had drifted apart.

According to an insider, it was revealed that,

“They’ve had rough patches before and always worked things out, so friends thought they would take some time apart but eventually come back together.”

Taylor Swift And Joe Alwyn's
Taylor Swift And Joe Alwyn’s Split

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The source further added that Alwyn struggled to keep up with Swift’s level of fame, sharing,

“Joe has struggled with Taylor’s level of fame and the attention from the public. The differences in their personalities have also become harder to ignore after years together. They’ve grown apart,”

The source mentioned that both had plenty in common and fell in love in a safe bubble saying,

“Ultimately they weren’t the right fit for one another,” and continued, “They had plenty in common and fell in love in a safe bubble while she was retreating from the world during Reputation. “

Further, the source explained,

“Then the pandemic hit, and they were locked down together and able to continue growing their relationship in this insulated way. But he didn’t really ‘know’ her yet outside of that bubble,”

An additional insider verified that despite their breakup, Swift and Alwyn remain on good terms and have a cordial relationship, stating,

“They are friendly. She doesn’t have anything bad to say about Joe. There is a lot of respect still between them.”

However, Alwyn did not know her outside of that bubble. Despite the breakup, the couple continues to have a friendship, and there is a lot of respect between them. 

Taylor Swift’s Previous Romantic Relationships

A popular artist like the Bad Blood singer is not only known for her incredible musical abilities but also her highly publicized romantic relationships. The songwriter has developed relationships with various high-profile individuals over her decades-long career in the entertainment industry.

Taylor Swift
Singer, Taylor Swift

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One of her earliest relationships was with Joe Jonas, which began in 2008 and ended in a widely publicized split in 2009. She later disclosed that the Jonas brother had ended their relationship over the phone, sparking a media frenzy.

The artist’s relationship with actor Jake Gyllenhaal was also a subject of intense media scrutiny. The couple was first spotted together in 2010, and their relationship ended in early 2011, reportedly inspiring several songs on Swift’s album Red. 

In 2012, Swift dated Conor Kennedy, the son of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Although their relationship was brief, the media closely followed their every move. Her relationship with musician Calvin Harris was also a popular topic in the media.

The couple began dating in 2015 and ended their relationship in 2016. After their breakup, Swift was briefly linked to actor Tom Hiddleston.

In 2016, Swift and actor Alwyn met at the 2016 Met Gala and started dating a few months later. However, news of their romance did not break until the following year. 

Source: People

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