Camille Vasquez rose to fame, for representing Johnny Depp in his defamation case against Amber Heard. Vasquez, backed by her team, helped Johnny Depp to win the case against his ex-wife. She had represented the Pirates of the Caribbean actor for nearly 5 years in all his legal affairs. The defamation case against Amber Heard reached its final verdict on the 31st of May 2022, which went in favor of Depp.

Vasquez and Heard.
Johnny Depp and Camille Vasquez, in court.

Post the famous win, Camille Vasquez has been attending and answering media interviews, about the post-trial processes. The recent interview came in, after Amber Heard’s legal team had filed an appeal to overturn the more than $10.3 million settlement she was ordered to pay her ex-husband (Depp). With Amber Heard’s team of lawyers not backing down even after their loss, pitching in ‘jury mix-up’ allegations, and more, Vasquez too is preparing and seemingly ready for any further proceedings. She reveals the reason, plan, and more.

During a recent interview, the American attorney had been questioned about what the team had in mind. Additionally, enquiring why Depp and his legal team hadn’t moved on from the trial and still answered appeals. It seems the case is going to be dragged much longer by the court. However, Depp’s legal team, of which Vasquez is an integral part of, seems prepared for what is to come.

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Camille Vasquez opens up about the post-case proceedings

Vasquez in the interview clarified the much-anticipated question of ‘why the legal team is still answering appeals?’ Vazquez confirmed that this is a standard procedure for any likewise case and there is nothing strange about it.  Vasquez in the interview also opened up about her being the ‘chosen one’ for representing an actor as popular as Johnny Depp and believes she was fortunate enough to be allowed to represent the actor in this case. It’s a combination of both luck and hard work, countless hours of paper-filling and investigation, in Vasquez’s view.

Amber Heard and her lawyers
Amber Heard (center) with her team of lawyers.

Coming back to the question of, WHY Depp’s team has not moved on after the verdict, the actor’s legal team suggested it is because of Amber Heard and her repeated appeals for something or the other. Last Wednesday (20 July 2022), Amber Heard officially filed for bankruptcy, to avoid paying the money she now owes Johnny Depp. This comes, after another appeal made by Heard and her legal team after the court trial came to an end. Heard had previously alleged a juror mix-up, apparently leading to the verdict going against her. Amber Heard had filed for a ‘mistrial’ on the 9th of July 2022 and appealed to the court for a re-trial.

The real-life ‘Justice League’

Camila Vasquez holds her ground at backing Depp in whatever comes his way, legally. Alongside a strong team of lawyers, Johnny Depp and his team were gladly willing to ‘move on from the case. However, with Amber Heard’s legal team’s appeal to overturn the more than $10.3 million settlement she was ordered to pay to her ex-husband. Johnny Depp’s team of lawyers had to reconsider their decision.

Ben Chew and Vasquez
Camille Vasquez and Ben Chew, the leaders of Depp’s legal team, in an interview.

Vasquez suggests, they knew and had planned accordingly for such possible forthcoming instances, post the verdict. Amber Heard and her cocky attitude have with the court trial, been brought to light, the appeals, therefore, aren’t very surprising to the public as well as to Depp and his team. Vasquez revealed they have had counterappeal strategies planned already and would act accordingly. Both parties in the famous Heard vs Depp trial seem to be keeping busy even months after the final verdict was passed. However, Depp and his team seem to be having a smooth sail while Heard’s side, continues going through a rocky road.

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