Gerard Pique and Shakira’s breakup was a big-time shock for everyone universally. The most shocking part of it was the fact that Pique actually cheated on the Columbian singer who is considered nothing short of a literal goddess. However, all of Shakira’s fans definitely wanted her to move on from the disloyal Pique. But there were also several people out there who were upset that the couple of almost 12 years had to end in such a sudden and disturbing manner. Their long-drawn custody battle for their two sons, Milan and Sasha, was also an ugly affair. One of the people who were completely against their separation was none other than Pique’s mother, Montserrat Bernabeu.

Pique’s mother was “devastated” by his split from Shakira

Pique's mother was devastated by his son's split from Shakira
Shakira with her son and Pique’s mother

According to a report by the Spanish magazine Lecturas, Pique’s mother, Montserrat Bernabeu, is extremely distressed about her son’s split from Shakira. The report suggests that the separation was nothing short of a trauma for her. As per the news article, “She is devastated”. 

It has further been reported that the Waka Waka singer has refrained from her kids from calling Bernabeu ‘grandmother’. And this has been particularly disturbing for Pique’s family.

Bernabeu has always insisted that the former Barcelona player and the Hips Don’t Lie singer should mend their relationship. She is very close to her grandchildren and shares a great bond with them. The outlet reported that she was the primary caretaker of the kids whenever their parents were away for work. The kids would often have their dinner and do homework at their grandmother’s place.

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Pique’s mother being spotted with Clara Chia Marti soured her relationship with Shakira

Pique and his mother
Pique and his mother

The Spanish outlet further shared various instances that soured the bond between the Te felicito singer and Pique’s mother. According to the magazine, Bernabeu did not approve of a social media post made by the 45-year-old singer, which she saw as pressure on her son.

A second point of contention was Pique’s parents were spotted hanging out at La Cerdanya with him and his new partner, Clara Chia Marti.

Shakira alluded to Pique's mother in her new song
From mother-in-law to neighbor

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It acted as direct proof that they weren’t completely reproachful of his affair with the 23-year-old. Eventually, the network of companies that merged the families was also separated thus symbolically ending the union as well.

The Whenever, Wherever singer also alluded to her relationship with Gerard Pique‘s mother in her song Bizarrap. The lyrics read, “You left me as a neighbor to my mother-in-law”.

Bernabeau, on her part, always advocated for the two to make it work, but to no avail.

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Source: Marca

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