A huge disappointment for the iconic singer Celine Dion’s fans, as she did not make it to the Rolling Stone’s list of the ‘200 Greatest Singers Of All Time.’ Fans were shocked by the absence of the power ballad singer even though the list included Alicia Keys, Billie Eilish, and Chris Stapleton. People’s favorite and My Heart Will Go On singer was snubbed by the outlet for their 200 greatest singers list.

Celine Dion
Celine Dion

There are countless accolades Celine has won, including 5 Grammys, 6 AMAs, 7 Billboard Awards, 12 World Music Awards, 20 JUNO Awards, etc. Moreover, she has sold at least 10 million copies of seven of her albums worldwide, a feat only a handful of solo female artists have accomplished. From a chart perspective, she has had multiple #1 hits, including gold, platinum, and diamond records. However, a video of the My Heart Will Go On singer roasting Rolling Stone and music critics over 20 years ago has resurfaced on social media after the list was announced.

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Celine Dion Was Snubbed By Rolling Stone In Its List Of ‘200 Greatest Singers Of All Time’

Fans believe an old video trending now on social media has something to do with Rolling Stones’ decision not to consider Celine Dion for its list of ‘200 Greatest Singers Of All Time.’ The news publication released a listicle on January 1, 2023, featuring the greatest singers of all time. While the list ranged from Rosalía to Aretha Franklin, it did not include the 54-year-old singer.

Celine Dion 1
My Heart Will Go On singer Dion

An old video of Dion’s interview with ABC is currently trending on social media, revealing how the singer roasted Rolling Stone and music critics over 20 years ago. A user tweeted the video along with a message, which reads, “Celine Dion roasted Rolling Stone and music critics over 20 years ago. She spoke the truth and did not miss.”

In the video, Dion said,

“Many times, they sent people to criticize the show. People who like heavy rock, but then they send these poor guys to see a romantic show, to see people who are gonna sing a ballad.”

The singer added,

“Of course, I am not gonna like it.”

The journalist asked then,

“Does it hurt?”

Dion replied,

“I am one of the artists who sell most records, and we have sold out shows, so if they say to me this and that, it makes me mad in a way and angry that they think that all of those people who are buying my records and come and see my sold-out shows are stupid and all wrong. Well, you interview all of them. I mean… I can be wrong like this for the rest of my life, and I really like it.”

While Rosalía held the 200th spot, Misfits’ Glenn Danzig held the 199th position. Billie Eilish, Burna Boy, and Kelly Clarkson followed in the 198th, 197th, and 194th positions, respectively. Aside from being the best-selling Canadian recording artist, Dion is also the best-selling French-language artist, but fans got disappointed by this decision.

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Celine Dion Fans Are Furious After She Is Omitted From Rolling Stone’s Greatest Singers List

In response to Celine’s exclusion from the list, the Internet reacted quickly. Due to the publication’s criteria, many well-known singers have also been snubbed or ranked lower than expected. Still, the absence of the Canadian pop star has caused an uproar on social media. Some said the decision was unbelievable for omitting the singer, while others called it garbage.

Singer Celine Dion
Singer Celine Dion

Take a look at what fans are saying:


With her belting voice and technically skilled vocals, the 54-year-old singer is considered one of the most powerful voices in pop music. With more than 200 million records sold worldwide, the My Heart Will Go On singer has won numerous musical awards and accolades throughout her career.

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