Late Paul Walker and Tyrese Gibson worked together in the movie Fast & Furious. With their power-packed performance in the film, it became a massive hit. Fast & Furious is known for its alluring visual effects and crazy scenes. Just like in the movie, the actors had some crazy experiences while filming 2 Fast 2 Furious.

Recently, Tyrese Gibson appeared on a talk show and remembered a strange experience from the sets. Gibson revealed that he and his co-star, Paul Walker, slept with the same woman. The 44-year-old actor emphasized that having the same taste in women made their bond strong.

Tyrese Gibson
Tyrese Gibson

What made Tyrese Gibson’s bond stronger with Paul Walker?

Tyrese Gibson recently appeared on the talk show The Morning Hustle. While remembering his friend Paul Walker, he shared a bizarre incident that took place on the sets of 2 Fast 2 Furious. The actor revealed that he and Walker were sleeping with the same woman, and they were not cognizant of that. The woman they were bedding was Eva Mendes’s stunt double, Cindy Leon. The actor said,

“She’s a beautiful girl. And me and Paul were smashing the same girl on the set of 2 Fast 2 Furious and didn’t even know it… It was Eva Mendez’s stunt double, and we were both just complimenting this girl every day, and for whatever reason, we just didn’t say we were both smashing the same girl.”

Later, when the two actors discussed it, they found out that they were involved with the same woman. The Baby Boy actor said,

“Then we told each other. He was like, ‘Yeah?’ I was like, ‘Yeah…’ and then her goofy ass just recently did an interview letting the world know, but it gets even worse with her.”

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Paul Walker and Tyrese Gibson
Paul Walker and Tyrese Gibson

But that didn’t stop the actors from sleeping with the same woman. During the interview, when Gibson was asked if they stopped sleeping with the same woman after finding out the truth, the actor himself claimed, “I don’t think we stopped.”

This isn’t the first time Gibson has shared about this incident. Previously, while promoting the film Fast and Furious 7, the actor brought up the same topic and emphasized that knowing they had the same taste in women made their bond stronger. Gibson said,

“He was just like, ‘Yeah, I was with her last night. I said, ‘I was with her last night!’ It was a bromance forever after that because we had the same taste in women.”

Walker and Gibson shared a great bond, and Walker’s demise left Gibson heartbroken. Paul Walker died in a car accident in 2013.

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Do women prefer Paul Walker over Tyrese Gibson?

Earlier, Gibson made headlines as his girlfriend Zelie Timothy confessed that initially, she was more inclined toward Paul Walker. Timothy said,

“My type was actually Paul Walker. Rest in peace. But Tyrese wasn’t my type at all. And my type is not ‘white.’ I’m just saying I was more interested in Paul. Even when I met Tyrese, I was like, ‘Eh, he’s kind of old. I just like his smile. It’s pretty cool. His personality… His personality was OK.”

Tyrese Gibson with Zelie Timothy
Tyrese Gibson with Zelie Timothy

In an interview with a news portal, Eva Mendez’s stunt double Cindy Leon also mentioned Walker was sweet and lovely during the intercourse, whereas Gibson was freaky. She said, 

“In the bedroom, Tyrese was sexy and freaky, while Paul was sweet and loving.”

Tyrese Gibson and Paul Walker may have bedded the same woman, but it seems like ladies prefer Walker over Gibson. 

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Source: The Morning Hustle


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