Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s defamation trial is to date a heated topic of discussion. However, these two weren’t the only people to become a part of the headlines. Everyone who was linked to the lawsuit in some or the other way bagged a massive amount of attention. Be that the attorneys including Elaine Bredehoft, Camille Vasquez, and Ben Chew, or the witnesses that arrived to show their support. One of these much-talked-about personalities was Eve Barlow.

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Amber Heard with Eve Barlow
Amber Heard with Eve Barlow

Yes, Eve Barlow is a close friend to Amber Heard who was reportedly thrown out of the trial. This very occurrence helped her gain a lot of media coverage. Since then she appears not so immune to headlines. And look she is here again to be a part of another headline.

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Fans troll Eve Barlow for supporting Amber Heard

Journalist Eve Barlow
Journalist Eve Barlow

In response to a series of tweets directed at her by YouTube journalist “The Umbrella Guy,” journalist Eve Barlow defended her close friend Amber Heard. She continued by stating that Evan Rachel Wood was going to receive the same exposure and bad press as Amber Heard had for criticizing musician Marilyn Manson, who also happens to be one of Johnny Depp’s closest friends.

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‘The Umbrella Guy,’ however, seems to have taken Barlow’s comment in a vengeful manner. The YouTube Journalist instantly replied back with stats saying that his monetary model is monetizing any idiot that comes at him.

Depp’s fan really caught some hard feelings against Barlow for backing up Amber Heard. One of the fans even called Heard and Barlow ‘gold diggers.’

Previously, National Music Express hired Barlow as a music journalist (NME). She reportedly spent her early life in Giffnock, Glasgow, and now resides in Los Angeles, California. Even though the infamous trial has ended with Depp’s victory, the news focusing on the two isn’t slowing down.

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