Back in 1997, director Marl A.Z. Dippe made an American superhero film that was based on the Image Comics character by the name of Spawn. It was the first film that featured an African American actor who portrayed a big major comic book superhero.

The film actually received negative reviews but guess what? It still managed to earn $87.9 million worldwide against the production budget of $40-45 million. Nevertheless, many people actually loved the film. The plot revolved around the titular character who was a murdered US Marine. But was resurrected as the leader of Hell’s army. It’s been almost 25 years since the film was released and here’s how the cast looks now:

1. John Leguizamo

Spawn film actors
John is well known for his role in Chef

We all remember him from the Chef movie right? But he has actually made many appearances in movies like Julie Newmar, To Wong Food Thanks for Everything, voiced a rat in the older Doctor Dolittle.

But did you know he has also voiced Sid in the Ice Age films? He has had a great steady career since the film came out. He played Clown/ Violator in Spawn.

2.  Martin Sheen

Spawn movie actors we forgot about
Martin Sheen was phenomenal 

He looks familiar, right? Well, he is the father of none other than Charlie Sheen. Martin has had a successful career and has been in films like Catch Me if you Can, The Departed, Gandhi, and Apocalpyse Now. He was also in The West Wing and got 6 Golden Globe nominations. He also made a guest appearance in Two and a Half Men.

Martin Sheen portrayed the character of CIA Director Jason Wynn in the film.

3. Michael Jai White

Spawn Film Actors
Michael starred in and as Spawn

The actor in real life is actually highly skilled in martial arts and also has a black belt in many different karate styles. His role in Spawn hit off and later he worked on many projects. He has even voiced characters in TV series like Justice League and Static Shock. He also appeared in films like Why Did I Get Married and its sequel as well. He has been in TV Shows like Arrow and Mortal Kombat Legacy as well.

Michael Jai White played the CIA Agent AI Simmons / Spawn.

4. Theresa Randle

Spawn Movie actors where are they now
Theresa Randle is well known for her role in Bad Boys

Theresa had a career in dance and comedy before she joined Spawn’s team. She starred in Maid to Order which helped her get the first break. She also appeared in movies like Bad Boys, Beverly Hills Cop III. She also starred in Bad Boys for Life.

Theresa portrayed Wanda Blake in the film.

5. Miko Huges

Spawn Child Actor
Miko Huges; the kid from Spawn is living his life

Remember that kid from the film? That was portrayed by Miko. He is known for his roles as a child actor in movies such as Pet Sematary, Apollo 13, Mercury Rising, New Nightmare, and Kindergarten Cop. Miko makes appearances in TV shows. He is also a beekeeper and has around 30,000 bees as his pets.

Miko Huges played Zack in the film.

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