Spider- Man and a “transformed” version of Hulk are travelling to different dimensions are about to meet the Eternals and the enemies; the Deviants!

In the preview of Symbiote Spider-Man: Crossroads #4 Comics, the two heroes have been thrown into action against Kro and his forces which in turn is going to lead them directly into the path of the Eternals.

Peter David and Greg Land’s Spider-Man series has a latest chapter of Symbiote Spider-Man: Crossroads which will see more adventures of Spider-Man in his black suit.  In the newest chapter of this Marvel Comics, Spider-Man is sent into the Crossroad Dimension where he is going to meet the Hulk; who in turn has transformed into a monster after he bonded with the Norn Stone.

After they are taken back in the time where they teamed up with Moon Boy and Devil Dinosaur, the Avengers duo have now ended up on the evil Deviants‘ ship. In the new preview of Symbiote Spider-Man: Crossroads #4, the Eternals are led by Ikaris, Zuras, Thena and Makkari are alerted of the arrival of the Norn Stone.

The oldest cosmic heroes want to be sure that the Norn Stone doesn’t end up in the hands of the Deviants. The comic then goes forward where Hulk and Symbiote Spidey are on-board the ship as they take on the enemies. Kro tells his forces to stop the attack realising the duo has no clue about their whereabouts.

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Kro shows the heroes around his ship and boasts about Deviants’ impressive technology with the Norn Stone- possed Hulk noting that they could dispatch the entire army with the armament. He asks Kro who are Deviants’ enemies to which Kro replies, ” the cursed Eternals.”

Spider Man Hulk Eternals 5.jpg?q=50&fit=crop&w=737&h=1052&dpr=1

We now know that the Deviants are evil, however, there is uncertainty on where Spidey even knows about the Eternals as he didn’t say anything after hearing about them. And there could be a possibility that Kro could manipulate Spidey and Hulk into fighting the Eternals as he tries to seize Norn Stone.

Spider-Man could be heading to a serious battle with the Eternals.


Source: Screenrant


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