The biggest moment from the Spider- Man: No Way Home teaser trailer hands down is the appearance of Alfred Molina as Doctor Octopus at the end!!! Combined with Molina’s previous comments about reprising Doc Ock for the film, this confirms the fans’ suspicions that the sequel is drawing a multiversal connection to Sam Raimi’s blockbuster Spider- Man trilogy.

In all this excitement, there is one problem we all are missing! Molina gave an iconic performance as the villain in Spider- Man 2, which remains one of the most amazing
superhero movies of all time, so it’s no wonder there’s so much hype for his return.
But if y’all remember clearly, his character also died at the end of that film , so how is he still alive ?

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Molina’s portrayal of Otto Octavius was more subtle than comic book. Rather than a cackling scientist, he played him as a mentor figure to Peter Parker; one who acted soft towards his wife Rosey and wanted to help the world.
He went all crazy when a lab accident involving Spidey took everything away from him. He regained his sanity only at the end of the movie.

And as far as death of Doc Ock in Spider- Man 2 goes, it was pretty definitive.
A self- sustaining artificial sun burning above him, the horrified Octavius realized his only chance at stopping it was to pull the experiment into the river and himself along with it. He successfully saved the world from a nuclear monstrosity that could have destroyed everything he hoped to protect, and it would appear he destroyed any chance of his own return along with it.
Until he was revealed in the trailer.

With the multiversal door opening, there are endless possibilities for his survival. It could simply be version of Doc Ock in No Way Home is a different variant of the one featured in Spider- Man 2.
After all, in an infinite multiverse of possibilities, there could be a version of Doctor Octopus who didn’t die and became a bad-a** super villain.

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Considering the No Way Home teaser hits at other villains from Raimi’s Spider-Man like Green Goblin; seems like Doc Ock isn’t the only one back from dead.
Electro is back as well who had also died in The Amazing Spider- Man 2.
But rather than creating alternate versions of the characters, it could have got to do with Dr. Strange’s tampering with the multiverse which rips them away from their respective timelines.

Another important thing is that Doc Ock regained control of himself before saving the day in Spider- Man 2; so maybe his robotic arms took the control over his mind had he not perished. And this would also explain why is he all villainous again.

We can’t wait for the Spider- Man: No Way Home to hit theaters on December 17th

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