After the leaked footage, MCU dropped the official debut trailer for Spider- Man: No Way Home has finally launched.
We see Peter Parker aka Tom Holland adapting to life after being outed as Spidey by Mysterio, going from being in hiding to a celebrity. However, his world starts falling as Marvel’s multiverse starts unraveling.
But as Peter tries to put things together and back to normal, it becomes clear that Doctor Strange is multiverse’s greatest threat.

In the trailer, Peter tracks down Strange and enters his Sanctum Sanctorum where Strange is as arrogant as ever. Peter  wants his help to mind – wipe the world so he can get his old life; but Wong makes it clear that they shouldn’t tamper with space and time like that. He even warns them that the spell is very dangerous; but Strange winks at Peter as Wong departs , he performs the spell anyway.
The ritual gets backfired or is sabotaged, but Strange should have known it better and never agreed to do it in the very first place!

Looks like he hasn’t learned anything from the past and still carries out the spell and keeps asking Peter to be quite. We know he was an irresponsible as a surgeon and looks like he thinks there will be no consequences for messing with relics like the Time Stone when he actually became a superhero.Of course all of us think that post events of Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, he would take more caution while taking such steps but looks like Strange is extremely laid back  about Peter’s request and uses his powers for the selfish reasons that go against the law of nature.

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As he’s warned by Wong about putting the multiverse at risk just to grant the wish of a teenager, it’s important to remember that Marvel has of course hidden many important revelations.
This scene maybe not put up exactly the same way in the movie; but as it stands in the trailer, Strange is Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Mephisto.

At the 0:39 mark, there’s a “devil in disguise” sign, but while it seems to refer to people’s disdain towards Peter for lying, it could foreshadow Strange actually being Mephisto, offering Peter a great deal.
After all, erasing the world’s memory of his secret identity is what the demon did for Spidey in the ” One More Day” storyline.

Even if it is the real Strange just taking an unnecessary risk, he is the villain of the movie. He should be the one setting example to the younger generation of the Avengers/ Heroes; something what Iron Man did.
This is just careless on Strange’s part!

We can’t wait for the story to unfold in the theaters on December 17th.



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