Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios have so far, kept their word over a second Spider-Man desk secret from the crew and cast of Spider-Man: Far From Home, as per a new book. Back in August of 2019, weeks after Far From Home banked the highest box office collection for any Sony film, the public and press learned what not many knew at Sony and Marvel: Tom Holland’s Spider-Man will no longer have a home in the MCU. This came into existence when the two studios decided to bring the rebooted version of Spidey into the MCU – already home to Iron Man and the Avengers. Now, as reports suggest his contract has come to half after five films – and will not be renewed.

Sony-Marvel Deal Ended With Spider-Man: Far From Home

Sony-Marvel struck a 5-films deal
Sony-Marvel struck a 5-films deal

Just before Endgame was released, the climax would have its epilogue with Far From Home and that the Spider-Man sequel was through three-quarters of post-production when the talks between Marvel and Sony broke down. The five-film deal between the two expired with Far From Home and Kevin Feige kept the impasse under strict wraps with a hope for a second deal to keep Spider-Man in a universe where he will become one of the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Reposts even surfaced that Kevin tried devising ways to write Spider-Man out of MCU altogether.

Sony-Disney Are Working Together, AGAIN!

Spider-Man: No Way Home
Spider-Man: No Way Home

If we believe the reports, Sony and Marvel have struck a deal to co-finance a third Spidey film for a 75-25% split of budget and obviously, profits. With Feige taking control of things creatively, with Spider-Man: No Way Home – Marvel and Sony came back in business.

Under this new deal, Disney and Sony would work again on Spider-Man: No Way Home and Holland’s Spidey might also appear in another Marvel movie, potentially Avengers 5.

“I would’ve been very disappointed [if the impasse was not resolved,” says Spider-Man producer Amy Pascal. “Because I didn’t think we were finished. I knew we had more stories to tell in the cinematic universe. Also, because I adore everyone at Marvel.” 

“It became a big deal in a way that I think was somewhat surprising to everybody,” adds Feige. “But it also showed how powerful the partnership has been, and how great those films were that Jon Watts and Amy Pascal and we did together. For various reasons, briefly, business angles sort of took things over a little bit. But it really was [a case of], ‘What’s best for the character of Spider-Man and best for the fans of Spider-Man?’ That’s what prevailed the first time that allowed us to do Homecoming and Far From Home.” 

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