An ultimately splendid showdown is expected between Drax Dave Bautista and Aquaman Jason Momoa. So, get ready to treat your eyes with the anticipated movie, including these superpowers. Both the too hot to handle heroes will be seen sharing the big screen. Here are the details you need.  

Drax versus Aquaman
A showdown between Dave Bautista and Jason Momoa

What is the chaos about?

So, recently the WWE superstar posted a picture on his official Twitter account. The image featured both Dave Bautista as his Guardians of the Galaxy character Drax, on the left side, and while the Aquaman star Jason Momoa, on the right side. As soon as the image was posted on the social networking platform, all the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s fans flooded the platform with comments and led to various speculations about what could happen.

 Bautista as Drax
Bautista as Drax for Guardians of the Galaxy

Bautista teased the showdown

The chaos that the cropped image of superheroes Drax the destroyer and Aquaman, which is creating butterflies in the stomach of every female fan, has been pointing furiously toward the significant upcoming event between the two muscular giants. The image by Bautista has teased the collision between his and Jason Momoa’s new characters. Both the superheroes will collide on the big screen. The showdown will be seen in the upcoming movie by David Lynch.

showdown in dune
Drax versus Aquaman

Dune the movie

The movie is titled as Dune. Denis Villeneuve has not yet revealed much, but few details have been released. According to some sources, we will be able to see Momoa as Duncan Idaho, who is the swordmaster of the protagonist family House Atreides. While Bautista will be seen playing the role of villain Baron Vladimir Harkonnen’s nephew Glossu Rabban.

The details about the showdown are not yet revealed. The onscreen relationship between the two characters is also put under covers, but it is expected that there will be fearsome rivalry as it was posed by the book trilogy of Prelude of Dune. The movie will create a mark as the showdown will create a universal uproar.

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