Here comes another live-action adaptation of the most popular manga Naruto, and the news is generating mixed reviews from fans.

Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki

While many are concerned about the reception of this upcoming project considering the current scenario of the modern adaptations, others have expressed excitement to witness the film. When it comes to some of the most engaging and commended manga and anime series, Masashi Kishimoto’s Naruto stands out among them. And now that there’s a live-action coming from Destin Daniel Cretton, it’s sure to create a buzz.

Fans React To Upcoming Live-Action Naruto Movie From Shang Chi Director Destin Daniel Cretton

The news is about the highly acclaimed anime series, and how can we not expect fans to react in seconds? As revealed by THR, Marvel’s Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings maker Destin Daniel Cretton will write, direct, and produce the live-action adaptation of the legendary manga Naruto for Lionsgate. Created by Masashi Kishimoto in 1997 follows the story of a young orphan ninja Naruto Uzumaki with big dreams.

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Naruto was born with a powerful demon spirit sealed within his body, and the people from his village feared his destructive powers and considered him an outcast. Despite continuous challenges, Naruto is determined to transform into the most skilled and powerful ninja in his village. The name is widely recognized by fans worldwide and is still lauded among the best manga series.

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And now that there’s an upcoming movie of Naruto, many fans are concerned if they will excel in making a film as intriguing as the original series, considering how brutally the latest adaptations are being received by viewers.

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Well, these reactions might not sound starting to the ones who understand that some masterpieces need no live-action adaptation. However, not to forget that while there are unsuccessful adaptations, One Piece was incredibly successful.

Naruto Creator Masashi Kishimoto Acknowledged Destin Daniel Cretton’s Creativity and Involvement

Naruto Uzumaki

It’s been around 25 years, since Naruto was introduced, and the anime series continues to engage fans with the intriguing narrative surrounding the determination and journey of the young ninja. The creator of this highly acclaimed manga Masashi Kishimoto spoke highly of Destin Daniel Cretton’s contribution to the entertainment world, and he believed that the director’s vision for the upcoming live-action will align with today’s audiences.

“When I heard of Destin’s attachment, it happened to be right after watching a blockbuster action film of his, and I thought he would be the perfect director for Naruto.”

Kishimoto is satisfied with The Glass Castle filmmaker’s involvement and added:

“I became convinced that there is no other director for Naturo. In actually meeting Destin, I also found him to be an open-minded director who was willing to embrace my input, and felt strongly that we would be able to cooperate together in the production process.”

After previous American live-action adaptations of popular manga and anime series like One PieceCowboy Bebop, and others, Naruto will also join this trend. The Lionsgate Motion Picture Group chair Adam Fogelson also expressed excitement for Cretton’s vision for this upcoming film, and is expected to enge a massive fanbase.

Naruto is available on Netflix.

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