South Korean Boy Group BIGBANG has achieved a huge milestone by surpassing 600 Million views on ‘BANG BANG BANG’ which was released on June 1, 2015.  The boy band is founded by YG Entertainment, which is one of the popular entertainment agencies that are managing many artists in the industry including one of the most popular third-generation girl groups — BLACKPINK.

South Korean Boy Group BIGBANG

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The boy group consists of four members: G-Dragon, T.O.P, Taeyang, and Daesung. It was originally a five-member band however Seungri retired from the entertainment industry in March 2019 making the group into a four-member band. They are titled ‘The Kings of K-Pop’ as they are one of the influential groups who spread the Korean wave all around the world.

‘BANG BANG BANG’ Crossed 600M, Making BIGBANG The First 2nd Generation K-Pop Group To Achieve The Milestone

South Korean Boy Group BIGBANG's BANG BANG BANG achievement new milestone
BIGBANG’s BANG BANG BANG achievement new milestone

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The ‘BANG BANG BANG’ is one of the eight lead singles from their Made album. It has now crossed 600 million views on YouTube, making them the first second-generation K-Pop group to have achieved this achievement. This song is written by G-Dragon along with YG’s Teddy Park (which usually collaborates with almost all the YG artists in their songs) whereas the additional rap verses are written by fellow member T.O.P.

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The total duration to achieve that feat was about seven years, one month, and 14 days, making their influence strong yet again. According to the claims reported, they have sold over 150 million digital and physical records globally, which would rank them among the best-selling boy bands in the world.

Fans Reacting To BIGBANG’s Achievement

Second Generation K-Pop Group BIGBANG

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Fans all around the world are celebrating this milestone making the group know that their influence is still as strong as it always was. BIGBANG fans are also known as V.I.P., which stands for Very Important Person, as the members have always prioritized their fans and have given their best to showcase their potential.

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V.I.P shared their excitement on Twitter and congratulated their artist for the new achievement. Check out the tweets below.

The group had made their return with the new single ‘Still Life’ back in April this year. This is their first new music in four years, since their 2018 song ‘Flower Road’.

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