The Star Wars franchise set in a galaxy far, far away is known for introducing numerous planets, races of alien life, creatures, weapons, and many other fantastic and bizarre entities.

Though the main story is usually focused on the battle between the Jedi and the Sith Order, the Stormtroopers have a special fanbase of their own.

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The butt of many jokes, Stormtroopers constituted the elite shock troops of the Galactic Empire.

Dressed in white body armor and paired with an unmistakable helmet, the Stormtroopers were the backbone of the Imperial Army.

Trained to be lethal and absolutely loyal, these fearsome troopers were trained to wreak havoc on the New Republic.

However, no matter how hard they try, they can never hit a target even at extremely close ranges.

Despite their true purpose, the Stormtroopers end up becoming a laughing stock which was also continued in The Mandalorian.

Still, the Star Wars franchise is quite incomplete without the presence of these ‘elite’ army.

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In 2012, Disney acquired Star Wars and produced a polarizing trilogy and the critically acclaimed The Mandalorian.

As the massively successful Marvel Studios is also under the banner of Disney, how about a mashup of Stormtroopers and popular Marvel heroes?

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Here are 5 Stormtroopers Imagined as popular Marvel heroes created by Jon Bolerjack.

1. Deadpool

Stormtroopers as Deadpool

It’s quite ironic that one of the best marksmen in Marvel is mashed up with a Stormtrooper.

However, the Deadpool x Stormtrooper armor looks terrifying and is a great alternative for clandestine missions where stealth is a priority.

2. Captain America

Stormtroopers x Captain America

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While Captain America is the beacon of freedom and fought the Nazis, the Stormtroopers are loyal to the Sith Order which wishes to establish absolute control over the galaxy.

Nonetheless, this Captain America x Stormtrooper armor is fitting for the ones who abandon the legion and find purpose in the Resistance.

3. Wolverine

Stormtroopers x Wolverine

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Though the Stormtroopers were created to strike fear among the people in the numerous planets they are assigned to patrol, the end result is usually disappointing.

On the contrary, Wolverine is synonymous with fear for his berserker rage and lethal prowess. Only the best of the lot deserve this armor.

4. Thor

Stormtroopers x Thor

The God of Thunder is one of the most powerful characters in Marvel comics. This Thor x Stormtrooper armor takes the cake solely for its feathered ears.

The Dark Side powered by the Mjolnir? Game over for the Jedi Order and the Republic.

5. Spider-Man

Stormtroopers x Spider-Man

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Though Peter Parker is known as the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, this armor looks quite creepy.

But on the bright side, the visor on the helmet is quite large which might improve the Stormtrooper’s aim. Right?

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