After being reported by three different outlets, Warner Bros. has finally confirmed Gunn’s involvement with the forthcoming Suicide Squad film. A brief statement was released by DC Entertainment yesterday on their DC Daily web series, confirming the director’s involvement.

Gunn was given a simple welcome to the DC Universe by DC Daily, suggesting that Gunn’s approach to the film would be different than that of director David Ayer.

“It’s official that we have got a new member of the DC family: acclaimed writer/director James Gunn has been attached to write Suicide Squad 2,” said host Tiffany Smith. “Gunn is poised to bring a completely fresh take to the franchise after the first film was written and directed by David Ayer.”

Earlier, director Gavin O’ Connor was tapped for helming the project, but according to Variety, the script he pitched in was similar to the upcoming Birds of Prey film. Connor will probably be helming the sequel to Ben Affleck starrer, The Accountant.

Gunn has presumably closed the deal with Warner Bros for writing the film’s script while talks for him to direct are currently underway. Gunn’s sequel to the franchise will also have familiar characters like Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, Killer Croc and Joker.

It’s still unclear if Gunn would go on recasting the characters, although Will Smith teased recently that he’s up for the role of Deadshot.

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