Venom is but one Symbiote. There’s an entire planet of symbiotes hailing from the planet of Klyntar in the Marvel Comic Book Universe. Here’s a list of Symbiote Superheroes who could be featured in Venom 2.


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Considering the world of Venom already knows about the existence of symbiotes, it’s only a matter of time someone tries to create a copy. Sleeper, in the comics, was an artificially enhanced symbiote created in Alchemax‘s astrobiology labs. The symbiote uses a form of pheromone telepathy to take complete control over whoever inhales it, including its host. The symbiote’s original host was a Kree Soldier named Tel-Kar. Sleeper likes to go on its own little “Adventures”. And it dislikes authority. Its most prominent power is the ability to release aerosol chemicals from its skin that can act as corrosive materials as well as hallucinogens. They even give Sleeper the ability to control other people’s emotions.


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Patrick Mulligan was infected by Carnage that destroyed his career as a New York Police Officer. He was then possessed by carnage’s Symbiote Off-Spring. Called Toxin, it proved to be far more powerful than Venom and Carnage combined. Mulligan wanted the symbiote to grow strong enough inside him so that he could kill Venom. Toxin is the 1000th Symbiote in line according to Venom, who feared genetic degradation would affect its sanity. But turns out Toxin was actually more of a force for good. Mulligan dedicated his entire life to teach the concept of morality and humanity to Toxin. Spider-Man endorsed Toxin’s potential for good and even helped fend off Venom and Carnage, who were both out to kill him.


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The Carnage symbiote is known to make its host provoke their enemies. But the last person they should have done that to was Sentry. Sentry aka Robert Reynolds carries the power of a million exploding suns in his veins. When he was ticked off by Carnage, he just flew the symbiote into space and ripped it in half. A nefarious businessman got hold of Carnage’s remains> his plans were to use the symbiote to create bio-prosthetics and make millions selling the technology. Dr. Tanis Nieves was the first recipient of the Carnage symbiote after months of captivity. The symbiote later left the host in search of better candidates but t it did leave its offspring within the psychiatrist’s arm. Dr. Nieves possesses all symbiote based powers as well as the power to seamlessly interact and control all known forms of technology.


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The Life Foundation, in the comic books, was a Do0omsday Cult that captured the Venom symbiote and created four off-springs out of it. Riot, Lasher, Phage, and Agony, four of the five symbiote off-springs, combined their powers to create the Hybrid symbiote. The new symbiote found its host in Scott Washington. Hybrid possessed the individual powers of all the four symbiotes that formed it. Scott Washington was more like an anti-hero, like his predecessor Eddie Brock aka Venom. Venom hunted down Washington in Venom: Along Came A Spider to rid the world of more violent symbiote enhanced soldiers.


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Anti-Venom was formed after the Venom symbiote had left Eddie Brock‘s system. The  symbiote was formed after traces of the venom symbiote still within Brock’s bloodstream formed an actual sentient copy of the Venom symbiote. This was in reaction to Eddie Brock developing a malignant cancerous tumor. Anti-Venom hates Venom. It’s powers allow him to literally disintegrate Symbiote DNA via touch. It also possesses healing properties. It can transfer its healing factor to others, curing them of diseases, injuries and poisons. The symbiote soon left Brock and found its new home in Flash Thompson.


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Mary Jane’s pregnancy was a huge plot device during the Clone Saga in the 1990’s. But it was announced that she had a miscarriage and the baby was dead. In reality, the baby had survived. It was kidnapped by a spy employed by Norman Osborn. In a 1998 What If arc, it was revealed what had happened to that baby. Norman had put the baby in stasis and performed experiments on it. Norman had actually used Spider-Girl’s DNA and combined it with Symbiote DNA, which in turn was spliced with the genetic code of Peter Parker’s child. The result was April Parker. She had the powers of both Spider-Man and the Venom Symbiote. She possessed none of their weaknesses. Moreover her body was completely malleable, which made her extremely difficult to hurt or kill.


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FBI Special Agent Claire Dixon had her body forcibly sacrificed in a strange ritual. The Darkhold practice involved calling on the powers of the Elder God Chthon, and create a mystical off-spring out of Carnage. The resulting Raze symbiote was a visually striking and powerful descendant of the Klyntar race. It had the distinction of being the first symbiote created via a mystical source rather than a biological or scientific one. Although Raze did not last long before being reabsorbed by Jubulile van Scotter, the symbiote displayed a level of skill with its abilities that could have given Venom a run for his money.

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