Taylor Swift, best known for her successful music career, is also eyed for her extremely publicized relationships. Always setting the records straight of dating infamous Hollywood stars and renowned singers, Swift recently went through an amicable breakup with actor Joe Alwyn. Although her break-up after 6 years of dating shocked her fans, nothing perplexed them more than her brief relationship with Tom Hiddleston.

Tom Hiddleston
Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift’s romance

Rarely making headlines for dating the Loki star back in 2016, Taylor Swift’s relationship with Tom Hiddleston is known to have several layers to it. Despite lasting for only three months, the relationship is rumored to cause a great loss of opportunity for Hiddleston. 

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Taylor Swift And Tom Hiddleston’s Brief Romance

It can be now stated with conformity that Taylor Swift dated a handful of British stars. Apart from dating Joe Alwyn for 6 years, and Harry Styles for a brief period, Swift’s romantic association with this British actor bewildered her fans, the most. It’s none other than the infamous MCU anti-hero, Tom Hiddleston, whom the singer dated for three months. 

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift dated Calvin Harris

Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift were first spotted together in May 2016, during the Met Gala event. Despite dating Calvin Harris for fifteen months, Swift allegedly swayed and lost her heart to the British actor. Thus, shocking her fans with her supposedly mutual break-up with Harris, the Anti-Hero singer literally perplexed her fans with her publicized relationship with Hiddleston. 

Taylor Swift
Swift and Hiddleston

Sighted together on multiple occasions and at different places, the actor and the singer were getting serious with their relationship. Meeting Swift’s parents, Hiddleston quite likely took their relationship to the next level within a few weeks. Further spotted outside Swift’s Rhode Island mansion and at her friend, Selena Gomez’s concert, the couple made public appearances quite often. 

However, despite having a fine relationship, the couple broke up after just three months. Although the reason for their split is still unknown, the alleged consequences were quite visible on Tom Hiddleston. 

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The Alleged Repercussions Of Their Relationship 

Officially splitting up with Taylor Swift after three months of dating, Tom Hiddleston faced immense publicity. However, making headlines about the widely talked topic simply aggravated after Swift released her sixth studio album, Reputation. Rejoicing Swift’s ultimate comeback right after her breakup, people were curious to know if she would mention Hiddleston in her album, as she always does.

Tom Hiddleston
Hiddleston’s public relationship with Swift

However, it seemed Swift’s Reputation didn’t tamper with Hiddleston’s reputation. Yet, it was rumored, the British actor suffered a major career loss after his association and break-up with the Cardigan singer. Apparently, Tom Hiddleston was to appear in the James Bond movies taking over the role of Daniel Craig. But it was reported that his extremely publicized relationship with Swift hampered the “air of mystery” required for the role of James Bond. 

Tom Hiddleston
Tom Hiddleston lost his role as James Bond

Although the speculations were never truly confirmed or denied by Tom Hiddleston, fans still believe their theories related to the rumor. Despite a lack of staunch evidence and clear information, netizens believe Swift had a major role to play. It is also unknown if the two are on good terms or if they simply don’t speak at all. Given the alleged situation, it is quite possible that the former couple might not have the most friendliest relations. 

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Source: Mirror

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