As we’ve often heard, third time’s the charm and this definitely holds water for Kate Hudson’s mother, Goldie Hawn who found the love of her life after 2 failed marriages. Throughout the years (39 so far), Kurt Russell has been a loyal and amazing partner to Hawn.

The beautiful relationship that he shares with Hawn’s kids (from her marriage to Bill Hudson) Kate and Oliver is wholesome on a different level as well. He’s been a devoted part of their lives and has even publicly shared memories of their growing up like a biological father would’ve, so much so, that the words stepfather or stepkids have never been used by them to address each other. Russell is their “Pa” and they’re his kids.

Kurt Russell, Goldie Hawn and the Hudson siblings
A happy family: Kurt Russell, Goldie Hawn, and the Hudson siblings

Kate is Kurt Russell’s “Birdie”

Kurt Russell and Kate Hudson
Kurt Russell calls Kate Hudson “Birdie”

Kurt Russell is especially close to Kate Hudson whom he calls “Birdie”, and his love for her has now expanded further to her kids, Russell’s grandchildren. It was reported by a source that Russell had claimed to feel proud of Kate when she became a mother. He has been a constant helping hand when it came to taking care of the kids if she were ever busy. The insider shared:

“He loves nothing more than taking the kids for a weekend if Kate is working or traveling and he’ll play video games with the boys and let them eat a lot of chocolate.”

Kurt Russell has always been vocal about how proud he is of Kate and her talents. Once, the actor was on “Family Entourage,” and he couldn’t help gushing over Kate’s skills. Like a loving dad, the actor shared adorable memories of hearing her sing and jump as a young girl in her room. Russell also shared how proud he used to feel when he and Hawn attended Kate’s school plays, a talent she later took up professionally and became an amazing actress, bagging nominations at a young age.

The Guardians of the Galaxy 2 actor also beams with pride at Kate’s ventures in businesses other than her acting career proving that she’s a jack of all trades. This respect has always been reciprocated by Kate who looks up to Russell and has claimed that since childhood he has instilled virtues like patience in her. She has publicly talked about how privileged she felt to have him as her dad.

Kate’s heartfelt Father’s Day wishes for Kurt Russell

Much like Russell, Kate has never shied away from sharing her love for her “Pa” on social media. This year’s Father’s Day, she shared a throwback picture of her childhood where she is embracing Russell while they’re resting on a bed, captioning the post:

“Fun, adventurous, passionate, determined, honest, devoted, amazing father and the best head of hair in Los Angeles! Lucky us! Love you Pa! Happy Fathers Day.”

Fans and family gushed at the wholesome post and her mother commented, “Honey, this picture speaks volumes.” Russell had a very emotional response to the post dedicated to him. He commented via Hawn’s Instagram account:

“It’s kinda hard to see it though cause all that water seems to somehow have found its way into my eyes…thanks for making me the luckiest father in the world sweetheart. I love you, Pa.”

Kate had also shared a similar heartfelt post dedicated to Russell on last year’s Father’s Day. The picture was of the father-daughter duo with Kate leaning towards Russell and his arm resting around her neck. Kate described the father figure as a “loyal protector,” “dependable,” and an “untamed adventurer father.”

Kate Hudson and Kurt Russell
The picture Kate shared on Instagram

Kate and Bill Hudson share a problematic relationship

Kate Hudson shares a fulfilling, dependable and beautiful relationship with her step dad but her relationship with her biological father, Bill Hudson is a stark contrast. She has talked about how she is thankful for her family but the distance from Bill has left an inevitable void in her life.

Kate made it clear that Russell was a perfect fit in their family, but the subliminal knowledge that they had a father who had deliberately distanced himself from them did affect her. The actress and her brother Oliver concluded that their biological father walked out on them as kids.

Quite naturally the siblings have never considered Bill a vital part of their lives. They have even been unapologetically vocal about his abandonment. Oliver Hudson had even shared a Father’s Day post in 2015 with a throwback picture of Kate, himself, and Bill captioning it:

“Happy abandonment day.”

Bill Hudson and kids
The picture Oliver Hudson shared on Instagram

A response was elicited in Bill after years of silence. In an interview sometime later, he blatantly said that they were no longer his kids, adding that they were dead to him:

“I no longer recognise Oliver and Kate as my own. I would ask them to stop using the Hudson name. They are no longer a part of my life.”

Bill went on further and accused Kurt Russell of how things turned out to be between him and his kids. He called Russell a mastermind who was the reason for his alienation from his kids.

Kate forgives Bill, still has love for him

Kate still feels melancholic for not being in touch with her biological father. Despite his disowning her and her brother she thinks about him. She also regrets her lack of connection with her half-siblings, Bill’s other kids. She laments not establishing contact with them for a very long time.

Kate claims that despite being wronged by Bill, she forgives him: “It’s just something that he has to live with, and that must be painful for him. So I forgive him.”

This forgiveness on her part hasn’t been instrumental in establishing contact but Kate says she still loves her dad and that feeling for him never faded.
Source: AmoMama

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