Thanos has been controlling numerous events in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, some of which backfired and saw the development of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Yet, one puzzle that was never completely addressed was about his genuine plan in Marvel’s The Avengers.

It appears as though a fan has at finally figured out what the Mad Titan was endeavouring to do when he gave away an Infinity Stone trying to get another Infinity Stone, but lost both all the while. It might not be canon, but in case you’re attempting to justify the Mad Titan’s activities, this will help:

[MCU] The events that lead up to the climax of Avengers 1 wasn’t about Thanos wanting Earth or the Infinity Stones, it was all too destabilise Asgard from r/FanTheories

Obviously, the Asgardians are some very powerful beings in the known Marvel Cinematic Universe, so it bodes well that Thanos needed to kill them before anyone, even the Nova Corps.

It’s improbable that he’ll go on a James Bond Villain-esque monologue and clarify each facet of his all-inclusive plan in Avengers: Endgame, but this fan hypothesis fills in a lot of holes. And, it’s not out of the realm for Thanos to make these sorts of plans, as he is a canny being and an ace strategist.

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige recently prodded how tremendous Thanos’ plan was while talking in the memorial magazine Marvel Studios: The First Ten Years.

“Thanos has been lurking in the shadows with a desire to obtain these Infinity Stones, which has played a big part in our other films,” said Feige. “We’ve introduced the Tesseract, revealed to be the Space Stone; the Mind Stone, which came out of Loki’s scepter and then went into Vision’s forehead; and the Time Stone: the Eye of Agamotto that Doctor Strange wears is an Infinity Stone itself! And of course the Guardians dealt with the Power Stone.”

“So these storytelling devices that we’ve seeded into every film will continue to play a part and come together. We’ve been teasing this for six years. That’s a long time to tease something cinematically before paying it off. Thanos has to be the greatest villain in our movies.”

Concerning where he is toward the beginning of Avengers: Endgame, and regardless of whether he has another stupendous plan setup, directors Joe and Anthony Russo prodded that the Mad Titan is basically relaxing now.

“He’s succeeded in the thing he has set out to do,” Joe Russo said to Empire Magazine. “He’s done. He did it. He’s retired.”

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