Denzel Washington is a fantastic actor who has been a part of the movie industry for more than 40 years. Whether it’s in action movies like The Magnificent Seven and Unstoppable or gripping thrillers like The Equalizer, he excels at becoming the characters he plays.

Denzel Washington
Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington recently expressed his gratitude for his late friend and legendary actor Sidney Poitier in an interview. Washington benefited much from Poitier’s mentoring when he first began acting. Denzel Washington’s journey to becoming the well-known actor he is today was greatly influenced by Sidney Poitier.

Denzel Washington owes his career to Sidney Poitier

Hollywood legend and longtime friend Sidney Poitier had a significant impact on Denzel Washington‘s early acting career, the star recently revealed. Washington, who is now 67, talked about their friendship and mentorship with Entertainment Tonight. He regarded Poitier as a close buddy in addition to a professional mentor in the film industry. He lovingly recalled a significant occasion when Poitier told him, “You know, you’re good,” after seeing him perform in a play more than 40 years ago. That kind of remark from a person of Poitier’s stature was all the motivation Washington required to continue pursuing his acting goals.

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Sidney Poitier and Denzel Washington
Sidney Poitier and Denzel Washington

For Sidney Poitier to say to some 20-year-old, ‘Hey, you’re good,’ that’s all I needed to hear,” Washington said. He acknowledged that Poitier’s comment was all he needed to go on. Washington could have given up and failed as an actor if Poitier had not said those encouraging words.

Denzel Washington regrets missing the opportunity to work with Sidney Poitier

After Sidney Poitier passed away, Hollywood grieved the loss of a real legend. Denzel Washington expressed his gratitude for having Sidney Poitier as a friend. He acknowledged Poitier’s significant contribution to the entertainment industry. Washington further praised him for having paved the way for actors like him. But Poitier also treated those who followed him with so much kindness.

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Sidney Poitier
Sidney Poitier

Denzel Washington regrets the fact that despite their friendship, which lasted for many years, he and Sidney Poitier never got the chance to appear together in a movie. When he learned of Poitier’s demise, he mentioned his regret at having missed that chance. Poitier became a groundbreaking name in the movie business. Poitier also made history. In 1964 he became the first Black man to win the Best Actor Oscar for his performance in Lilies of the Field. Washington referred to his friend’s memory by describing him as a kind man. Washington was grateful to as Poitier broke down barriers that actors like himself had faced for far too long.

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