Denzel Washington’s filmography speaks volumes about the legendary actor’s acting prowess. With an acting career that spans over a period of four decades in Hollywood, the Training Day actor has been a part of almost every movie genre.

Denzel Washington
Denzel Washington

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The 68-year-old actor is back with the third installment of one of the best projects of his life. As Equalizer 3 inches gradually towards its theatrical run, Denzel Washington took a trip down memory lane with his little co-star Dakota Fanning during the filming of Equalizer 3.

Denzel Washington Took A Trip Down Memory Lane With Dakota Fanning In Equalizer 3

During an interview with the media outlet People, director Antoine Fuqua spoke about Denzel Washington’s bond with Dakota Fanning. The Twilight actor had worked with him in the 2004 released Man On Fire.

While talking about the father-daughter relationship between the actor duo, he said-

“He had a little bit of a fatherly, mentor relationship. But also, Dakota is very competitive, and, obviously, as a child, her first experience with Denzel Washington is very powerful, and emotional,”

Denzel Washington
Dakota Fanning with Denzel Washington in Man On Fire

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He further explained-

“But you can see how she has grown quite a bit. I think it was more fascinating for Denzel than anyone else. Every once in a while when I would yell cut he would just look over and be like, I can’t believe she’s like a grown woman now.’ I think it was more fascinating for him than anyone else,”

Denzel Washington reprised the character of Robert McCall after five long years for the third installment of Equalizer. 

Antoine Fuqua On One Of The Most Challenging Scenes In Denzel Washington’s Equalizer 3

During an interview with the media outlet Digital Spy, director Antoine Fuqua spoke about Denzel Washington’s Equalizer 3. The filmmaker spoke about one of the most challenging scenes from the movie. He said-

“The final moment of Vincent was tough, because we were in Naples, in the streets. And the weather. Some tough nights there.”

He remarked-

“What I love about Denzel is he starts to embody the character and everything melts away. All the difficulties, the police over there, the bad guys over there… It sort of melts away.”

Denzel Washington
Denzel Washington with director Antoine Fuqua

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While talking about the Italian settlement for the shoot location of the movie, the director further added-

“Many challenges, of course. The language, shooting in a difficult place like the Amalfi Coast. Beautiful as it is, it’s very complicated to get all of the equipment and everything there, but it was absolutely worth it when you look at the shots, and look at the location, it’s amazing.”

Equalizer 3 is set to hit the theatres on September 1, 2023. Check out the trailer of Equalizer 3 below.




Source: People

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