Several British soldiers were affected by the heat on Saturday while participating in a military parade to honor Prince William. The incident later turned out to be a hilarious one for the online American audience as people used social media to comment on it.

In London, it was 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit) when the annual rehearsal parade for the monarch’s birthday was held. The parade known as Colonel’s review is conducted to decide that they are ready for Her Majesty.

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Prince William
Prince William at the Colonel’s review parade

Fans react to British soldiers fainting during the parade

Several Twitter users took to their social media to share their reactions to the news of several British soldiers fainting during the military parade rehearsals which were conducted to salute Prince William. One of them wrote, “I looked up 30 Celsius to Fahrenheit and it’s only 86. That’s our winter in Florida.” Another user defended the British temperature by stating, “We have higher humidity in the UK though, so it feels higher than that.” 

Another user commented, “Haha that’s just our winter in Florida!!!” They’re acclimated to temperatures lower than this, they are in heavy uniforms and have to do a strenuous routine without any stops for water or anything. Pointing and laughing at the dude that fainted on camera isn’t cool.” 

A user went on to explain that AC does not exist in the UK, whatever the temp is outside, it is the same inside and if it gets too hot, there is no way to cool off.

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A soldier fainted during the parade because of the heat
A soldier fainted during the parade because of the heat

1,400 soldiers and King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery reviewed by Prince William

According to the reports, Prince William, who is the heir to the throne, reviewed the military parade known as the Colonel’s Review, which consists of more than 1,400 soldiers of the Household Division and the King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery.

The occasion served as a run-through for Trooping the Colour, an annual military procession held in June to commemorate the monarch’s birthday. On June 17, King Charles III will preside over the ceremony. According to the reports, the soldiers were bundled up against the nearly 30-degree London weather in bearskin hats and woolen tunics.

Soldier being carried after he fainted
A soldier being carried after he fainted during the parade because of the heat

They also mentioned that the military trombonist who passed out tried to get back up and play again. Soon after, medical personnel arrived to assist him, and he was led outside to rest and receive care.

Prince William later tweeted, “A big thank you to every soldier who took part in the Colonel’s Review this morning in the heat. Difficult conditions but you all did a really good job.” He also shared pictures from the parade and appreciated the hard work that went behind preparing for an event like such, especially during such weather conditions.

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Prince William and Princess Kate Middleton are ‘done’ with lengthy tours

The Prince and Princess of Wales have finished their protracted tours, as reported by sources, as King Charles has altered the nature of the monarchy. The Prince and Princess are expected to manage their demanding schedules of official duties and travel while still giving their all to support the King. The couple is likely to prioritize spending time with their kids, overtaking extended international royal tours.

According to royal expert Jennie Bond, Prince William and Princess Kate are expected to respect their children’s school schedules, while King Charles and Queen Camilla are scheduled to visit the US, Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

Prince William and Princess Kate
Prince William and Princess Kate

The bond shared with OK! Magazine, “William and Catherine are really the stars of the Royal Family these days. They have youth on their side and a good dusting of glamour surrounds them. They are also extremely popular both here and abroad. So there is no doubt that the foreign office will be calling on them to carry out some high-profile royal tours.” 

To extend a hand of friendship and support from the British monarchy, the King is preparing to travel on the largest-ever itinerary of official royal functions throughout the UK, the Commonwealth, and other countries around the world.

Source: Twitter

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