As the fourth season of Amazon’s hit series, The Boys is about to be released, fans can expect chaos and many surprises. One of the most jaw-dropping revelations appears to be the return of Black Noir. His shocking comeback has left viewers puzzled and speculating about the methods of his resurrection.

The last time we saw Black Noir, he was brutally ripped apart by Homelander in the season 3 finale. The sad demise seemed to be the end for the member of The Seven. However, the recently released trailer for season 4 offers an exciting glimpse of Black Noir fighting with Billy Butcher, raising more questions than answers.

Black Noir facing Billy Butcher
Black Noir facing Billy Butcher | via Prime Video YouTube

As the countdown to the new season begins, the anticipation surrounding Black Noir‘s resurgence has only increased the speculation, theories, and excitement for fans of The Boys.

Potential Explanations for Black Noir‘s Return

Black Noir vs. Soldier Boy Flashback
Black Noir vs. Soldier Boy Flashback | via Prime Video YouTube

While the trailer provides little context for Black Noir‘s unexpected return, there are some possible explanations that could shed light on this development. One possibility is that Black Noir‘s regenerative healing factor. Noir managed to survive when Soldier Boy burned his face and bashed his head open, as shown in his imaginary cartoon flashback. However, he would have likely required external assistance to fully recover after Homelander ripped his guts out in season 3.

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Vought International, the corporation behind the creation of supes, may have subjected Black Noir to experimental treatments to enhance his regenerative capabilities. This scenario raises the possibility that the resurrected Noir could be an entirely different entity, wholly under Vought‘s control.

Another explanation might be that Vought has simply replaced the original Black Noir with an imposter, a new individual donning Noir‘s suit to maintain his public appearance. This tactic would align with Vought’s habit of manipulation, as they seek to maintain control over the narrative surrounding their supes.

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Potential Impact on Homelander After Black Noir‘s Return

Homelander and Black Noir
Homelander and Black Noir | via Prime Video YouTube

While the reasons behind Black Noir‘s return remain a mystery, the implications of his reappearance could have far-reaching consequences, particularly for Homelander. Black Noir‘s return could potentially drive Homelander further down the path of madness. Seeing the individual he brutally killed could potentially trigger a psychological breakdown, making it worse for Homelander.

If Vought has indeed replaced Noir without informing Homelander, this deception could potentially unsettle the supe, causing him to question the very foundations of his existence and the loyalty of everyone around him.

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Even if Vought does disclose the circumstances surrounding Noir‘s return, Homelander‘s increasingly fragile mental state could still lead him to perceive the resurrected supe as a threat, further fueling his unpredictable violence.

In the original comic series, Black Noir is revealed to be a clone of Homelander himself, created as a potential replacement if he goes rogue. Although it’s unlikely for the show to follow this particular storyline, the slight possibility of Noir being a Homelander clone could still impact their dynamic, adding extra psychological torment for Homelander.

As The Boys gears up for its fourth season, which will premiere on Prime Video on June 13, 2024, the mystery surrounding Black Noir‘s return has only added to the anticipation and speculation surrounding the show’s next chapter. How this development will shape the narrative remains to be seen, but one thing is certain. The fans are in for a wild and unexpected ride.

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