The latest Predator film, dubbed Skull, has finished production, according to cinematographer Jeff Cutter’s Instagram account. Skulls, or is it Skulls now? With so little information about the future film accessible, Cutter’s statement might have unintentionally revealed a name change for the project while also confirming two new cast members engaged in the production. Cutter praises director Dan Trachtenberg (10 Cloverfield Lane) on Instagram for “inviting me along on this amazing adventure and entrusting me to assist accomplish his vision for this picture!” Cutter’s initial message also refers to the picture as Skulls, adding a “s” to the name revealed by producers John Davis and John Fox in July. Finally, Cutter’s letter expresses gratitude to the “amazing cast,” which includes Amber Midthunder (Legion), Dakota Beavers, and Dane DiLiegro. Midthunder will portray a female hero in the picture, which takes place during the Predators’ initial visit to Earth, but there has been no news on Beavers’ and DiLiegro’s roles. However, DiLiegro is a safe option to play the Predator, given the actor is known for playing monsters in American Horror Stories and Sweet Home.


Last November, Trachtenberg’s hidden Predator film was revealed. Little is known about the forthcoming spin-off, but the scant narrative clues suggest it will not be a sequel to Shane Black’s The Predator, which underperformed in 2018. When we spoke with Davis and Fox this summer, Davis said of the upcoming film, ” “It goes back to what made the first Predator film so successful. It is the cleverness of a human individual who refuses to give up, who is able to watch and interpret, and who is therefore capable of defeating a bigger, more powerful, and well-armed army.”


“It really resembles The Revenant more than any other film in the Predator canon. You’ll understand what I mean after you see it. ” Davis promised Fox a precise time frame, but he refused to divulge it. “You are free to use your imagination. It is… early in the morning.” So far, no release date for Predator or Skull’s has been set, but with production completed, we should see at least some official video soon. Cutter’s original post may be seen below.

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Source: Collider

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